Magical Express to pickup 4 hours before flight departure time due to new security measures

Nov 17, 2017 in "Disney Magical Express"

Posted: Friday November 17, 2017 9:23pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Magical Express will begin picking up guests earlier than normal, effective November 17 2017.

Due to enhanced Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security measures, Orlando Airport is now advising travelers to arrive at least 3 hours before their departure time.

To accommodate that new requirement, Disney's Magical Express will pick up approximately four hours prior to departure time, this includes both domestic and international flights.

Resort airline check-in desks at resort hotels will operate from 4am to noon daily, and guests using the resort airline check-in service must now check in for the flight at least four hours prior to departure.

Orlando International Airpot expects to be operating the enhanced security through early January 2018.

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larryzJan 28, 2018

It happens to me every time I fly -- I just can't figure out why...

The MomJan 27, 2018

I have it happen in multiple airports - but only when I use my pink suitcase. :cautious: Happened both ways in and out of BWI over Christmas.

Notes from NeverlandJan 27, 2018

I will also add in my account that last weekend the pickup was 3 hours before the flight and the security process, though crowded, went pretty quickly.

mouse_luvJan 27, 2018

That and it never fails that once I get to my final destination from MCO that my checked bag always has a "we did an extra search of your bag" just for the hell of it note from TSA. No where else do I have that issue. :rolleyes:

BraveGirlJan 26, 2018

Just came back on Tuesday and it was only 3 hours. And MCO was not bad at all!

crxbrettJan 26, 2018

Without a single doubt. My most recent trip to Orlando had me in in the TSA line at LAX for maybe 10 minutes if that. Flying back to LA out of MCO took well over 30 minutes! SLOW as mo-lass-es! It's a lot less organized at MCO, too.

ToTBellHopJan 26, 2018

Our long national nightmare is over. It’s back to 3.

mouse_luvJan 26, 2018

Having travelled both MCO and LAX many times, MCO is definitely worse with TSA.

Cmdr_CrimsonJan 26, 2018

It's been awhile since we heard anything about this...Has it gone back to 3 hours or is it still at 4 hours to get back to MCO?

Chicken HeadDec 07, 2017

Very interesting... I will be in almost the exact same boat in February. Leaving Wednesday night on a 7:25 flight, so i'm guessing they will want me there for pick up at around 3:00 (yikes). We're planning on doing HS that day, so while we probably could do everything we want in HS in plenty of time to make that bus I like the idea of spending extra time in Disney rather than a terminal! My only dilemma is there are 5 of us (3 adults, 2 kids) and I'm not entirely sure an Uber XL can fit all of us AND our luggage (my mother in law packs a ton). Also a little nervous about availability & timing since I've never used Uber in Orlando... but your story is giving me a little more confidence. Decisions, decisions... last year was much simpler, we were in a similar scenario but the bus didn't pick us up until 4:40 so we just rolled with the Magical Express.

Cmdr_CrimsonDec 02, 2017

Is this that reason? I can understand this instead of TSA whoo-ha due to having one train for one side at least the one side is complete..And the new trains look nicer..They have a look similar to ones used here at O'hare...

JoeCamelDec 01, 2017

Expected to continue til the construction is completed at the airport

Notes from NeverlandDec 01, 2017

Is the 4-hour change expected to continue beyond the holidays?

JoeCamelDec 01, 2017

Well you could have had mimosa's and omelettes for something to do.......