Sunshine Flyer offers new direct private service from Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World Resort hotels

Jan 09, 2023 in "Disney Magical Express"

Posted: Monday January 9, 2023 4:30pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Sunshine Flyer is introducing a new direct, private transportation service from Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World Resort hotels.

According to the company, "Your Direct driver will meet you at baggage claim and take you to your Walt Disney World area resort. The Sunshine Flyer experience starts shortly after you step off the plane with train-themed giveaways for kids including games, stickers, hats, and more."

A one-way trip is priced at $120 for a sedan (3 passengers), $145 for an SUV (6 passengers), and $160 for a van (10 passengers). Return pricing is $240, $290, and $320. Gratuity and a 10% airport fee are not included. Reservations can be made online now.

Sunshine Flyer emerged in early 2022 as Disney's Magical Express service was discontinued. The original Sunshine Flyer, pictured above, is shared airport transportation priced at $49 return.

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note2001Jan 10, 2023

I applaud this small company for building up a fleet of buses and now taking on smaller vehicles while working to improve their services. Mears had the benefit of being an existing transportation company with a lot of experience and backing when they took on the Disney M.E. contract, and even then they had a rough go of it in their first year. Sunshine Flyer has done remarkably well with excellent buses and drivers. Their issues at the airport are slowly being resolved with investment. Inside MCO they now have an indoor check-in desk and waiting area (although this always should have been) which I'm sure they have rent on. As they invest in the company, prices will rise to compensate and you know Mears who loves to pack buses full will be quick to raise theirs to match.

Weather_LadyJan 09, 2023

Their rates are actually higher than many of the town car/SUV/van rates for some of the more reputable private transportation companies, especially after you add in that sneaky extra 10% "airport pickup fee," before gratuity! I think they're banking (wisely, actually) on a lot of kids wanting hats and stickers.

SirwalterraleighJan 09, 2023

Is Iger gonna make an announcement at how “appalled” he is at the lack of service/high prices?

JohnDJan 09, 2023

I freaked out as the only prices I saw were in the image for various cars. However, they also have bus service that is comparable to Mears.