A look at the concrete work progress beneath Spaceship Earth at EPCOT

May 14, 2021 in "Pin Traders and Camera Center"

Concrete work in-front of Pin Traders and Camera Center - May 14 2021
Posted: Friday May 14, 2021 11:32am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The new concrete design at the EPCOT main entrance is now nearing completion beneath Spaceship Earth.

Pin Traders and Camera Center has now reopened with the work complete in-front of the store. The new design replaces the original pink colored concrete.

A construction wall remains in place in the area with the high reach lift for the Spaceship Earth 'Points of Light' installation still in position.

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JustInTime2 days ago

Wow. The lights ok SSE are incredible

Gringrinngghost3 days ago

The first photo shows in the tweet that the Side LEDS are covered in a yellow phosphor based gel. Just looking at this, the side lights, I would be surprised to see as RGB as there isn't even anything indicating RGBW as it would be a half and half. But the lens gives me the impression that they are using a Cree/Luxeon Star style light on the sides. To Surmise, I fully believe the sides are Cool White LEDS only, and the center is RGBW in cool white, unless it's a 2 package deal thats running Bicolor LEDs with the RGBLEDs.

FutureCEO3 days ago

I think of this scene whenever Disney mentions beacons lighting up and whenever Oct 1st rolls around.

wdwmagic3 days ago

Yes as far as I know they are all RGB.

jrhwdw3 days ago

I believe the whole SSE is RGB?

Gringrinngghost3 days ago

Shame the sides are only cool while LED and not RGB but alas.

jagiord13 days ago

Wow, that's pretty magical.

ImperfectPixie3 days ago

If this is what they have in mind, and the LEDs aren't on all the time, I could actually grow to really love this.

jrhwdw3 days ago

New Photo from Zach! Saw it on Twitter from That Other Site. Maybe we don't need the flood lights anymore??? Pretty!!! Cant wait for 2 weeks!!! Unless SSE/Harm soft opens right after EF's last night???

ImperfectPixie3 days ago

This will never get old for me. Ever. (ETA: I didn't edit this photo at all.)

Supernova3 days ago

I hope they do away with it. I think it looks really dated.

MisterPenguin3 days ago

I'd pay good money for the opportunity to take a hammer to those orange floods. Orange lighting looks horrible (to me). Looks like SSE is constantly celebrating Halloween.

Father Robinson3 days ago