PHOTO - Walt Disney World park specific reusable shopping bags price increase

Jun 24, 2019 in "Mouse Gear"

Park specific reusable shopping bag pricing June 2019
Posted: Monday June 24, 2019 9:52am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Alongside the recent price increases to Annual Passes and resort hotel parking, Walt Disney World's park specific reusable shopping bags have also increased in price this month.

First introduced at the end of 2018 at World of Disney, the reusable bags are made of 80% recycled materials and come in three sizes. The new pricing is $2 for small (up from $1), $2.50 for medium (up from $1.50), and $3 for large (up from $2).

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LittleBufordMar 28, 2023

Or maybe not: It's an issue without simple solutions.

LittleBufordMar 28, 2023

Sturdy paper bags would seem a good compromise.

Parker in NYCMar 28, 2023

I just hate seeing all these giant reusable bags at Disney end up in the trash. What’s the point? People buy them out of necessity and throw em away. Maybe someone reading this doesn’t (woohoo for you) but the family from Denver has other plans.

Smiley/OCDMar 28, 2023

I don’t understand why they can’t incorporate the Minnie Van drivers to transport the packages from the parks to the resorts…are the drivers constantly on the road or is there down time? Maybe this is something TWDC can look into and potentially kill two birds with one stone??

TeriofTerrorMar 28, 2023

I keep my plastic Disney bags and reuse them. But I would happily give them up forever if it meant the return of package delivery to the resorts. I'm completely baffled this hasn't returned. It will definitely impact my shopping on my upcoming trip.

celluloidMar 27, 2023

It is why the entire pay for a bag thing is just silly when there is no option to have a courtesy one. That is why I brought up Sea World parks. They give you a bag for free. They are not bagless, they just went paper and still gave guests the courtesy.

Nubs70Mar 23, 2023

Disney does not pay for shopping bags. The cost to WDW is rolled.into the price of the merch you are buying. Just like resort parking has always been rolled unto the price of a room

Nubs70Mar 23, 2023

How many tons a day do you.burn? You could be burning at s $200/ton rate.

larryzMar 21, 2023

Didn't we hear this about 2-3 years ago?

HauntedPirateMar 21, 2023

The number I've heard is it takes 40,000 tons of various raw materials to make one EV vehicle battery. And in addition to the energy used to mine all that raw material (they aren't using EV mining equipment), it also needs transport and processing. "Green", indeed.

AEfxMar 21, 2023

Yup, EV's are similar to plastic bags, in that again, at best they break even environmentally, and depending on your perspective, can be worse - you are just trading in one type of environmental impact for another. To begin with, the majority of electricity (especially in the US) is still generated using fossil fuels, so you are still burning fossil fuels to run your vehicle. I'm not familiar enough with the current numbers, and while I am sure it's likely less fossil fuels, still, you are traveling on the same power of a limited and polluting resource. The real issue is with the batteries. Among other toxic materials, they require pounds and pounds of nickel, which is one of the dirtiest, most polluting metals to mine. In fact, it is so environmentally damaging that we stopped mining it in the US back in the 80's. We get it from other places, including some that have been known to use child labor. The act of mining it has devastating effects on water quality from all the toxins and breakdowns from the waste produced, as well as the greenhouse gasses that are emitted in mining it and the decomposition of the waste materials (not to mention all the effects on the health of the people who do the mining). It's just yet another example of industry making consumers think they are making the "green" choice, when in fact, they are just replacing one type of pollution for another, or, in this case, even the same kind, just are more removed from it. That's why they are more of a status symbol than anything else - and the feeling of "I'm doing my part!" making people complacent, instead of actually meaningfully changing their consumption behavior in a way that actually would make a tinker's darn worth of change.

Smiley/OCDMar 21, 2023

The carbon footprint of having to send it out a second time to replace the broken one is obviously much greater than overpacking considering a large portion of the box is just air…I’d call it a wash that it made it to your home in one piece safely.

ppete1975Mar 21, 2023

hate to say it.. id rather get that than it loose in the box and broken as i have gotten things from mail order before. Good choice btw.

HauntedPirateMar 21, 2023

This. ☝️ Thank you! I also read several years ago that, at the time, an EV would need to be driven for 5 years to break even with a similar gas-powered vehicle based on the cost of the EV plus all related electrical costs. But all the hype these days is on EV’s without saying anything about what goes into making, owning, or using one.