PHOTOS - Temporary Mouse Gear now open in Innoventions East

Jan 06, 2020 in "Mouse Gear"

Temporary Mouse Gear location
Posted: Monday January 6, 2020 10:09am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new temporary Mouse Gear is now open in Innoventions East, across the breezeway from the original Mouse Gear.

The temporary store carries popular items from Mouse Gear, including apparel, bags, hats and plush.

Click the gallery for more pictures of the new Mouse Gear.

The original Mouse Gear is now closed for refurbishment.

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MisterPenguin18 minutes ago

He wants us to see how WDW didn't put kiosks in a thruway creating a pinch point, but instead, created it's own space for them. Not only that, he wants to commend WDW for all that seating. He's looking forward the seasonal occupants of those kiosks.

Sir_Cliff2 hours ago

I guess Disney must have put this random image of some closed vending carts and a trash can on the cover of the Epcot guide maps or something? Otherwise, it would almost seem like the poster is not posting in good faith 🤔

DreamfinderGuy3 hours ago

The hub definitely did not cost anywhere close to that. Significantly more went into Guardians and it wasn't over $500M. Other than rehabbing CommuniCore East and putting up Plaza/Hall, this entire project was removing some old pavement and installing some new pavement. The lights and the Walt statue were likely the most expensive elements in the whole thing.

pigglewiggle3 hours ago

I'm not sure if you know this, but you posted this already.

Bocabear3 hours ago

It is what happened next that created the "Bad"... Epcot was extremely popular and I think they wanted to open it up for for crowd control I am guessing....and they basically opened it WAY UP and paved over the green spaces, filled in the waterway and created the giant open plaza they then had to cover with the spiderwebbing of cables and shade sails.... If it had been restored to this version we would have lots of green but in a more planned modern way....Also lots of water....

Epcot81Fan4 hours ago

Well, here’s the good news, in Vegas, where the world’s best architects and interior designers work there are countless styles and tastes to choose from, which is of course the point, not these exact samples. But hey, if this is absolutely remarkable to you, God bless.

JohnD4 hours ago

I don't think we can have both the fountain and JOW because water usage probably has to be one or the other. I like JOW for what it it is but would gladly sacrifice it to restore the fountain.

pigglewiggle4 hours ago

Those are gaudy and absolutely hideous. Only my humble opinion of course.

MagicHappens19714 hours ago

While I don't agree with the comparisons of Epcot to multi-billion dollar airports as I just don't think it is a sound comparison, have we failed to mention that the redo of the hub probably cost over $500M? If Guardians cost that much, I would imagine the hub redo (Connections, Creations, Communicore Hall and the actual central hub) cost probably close to that, if not more. I think what we have is an improvement over what was there before, but overall think it could've had some more "grandeur"

Moth4 hours ago

And up next... multibillion dollar bathrooms!

J45465 hours ago

well at least we comparing epcot to multibillion dollar casinos instead of multibillion dollar airports now...

Epcot81Fan6 hours ago

It’s almost like these defenders of these incredibly cheap, bland, and amateurish architectural designs have never been outside of Kissimmee. Just walk through Vegas and you’ll see how amateurish and pathetically behind the curve Disney is in both architecture and design. You can post a hundred of these photos that all make Disney look absolutely pathetic. But, but, those are public spaces in entertainment concepts built by American public companies so that’s not a fair comparison!!! Or something!!!

Epcot81Fan6 hours ago

Looks like where I ate lunch in high school

J45466 hours ago

that looks good but as well but I also like the new currrent area as well