PHOTOS - Temporary Mouse Gear now open in Innoventions East

Jan 06, 2020 in "Mouse Gear"

Temporary Mouse Gear location
Posted: Monday January 6, 2020 10:09am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new temporary Mouse Gear is now open in Innoventions East, across the breezeway from the original Mouse Gear.

The temporary store carries popular items from Mouse Gear, including apparel, bags, hats and plush.

Click the gallery for more pictures of the new Mouse Gear.

The original Mouse Gear is now closed for refurbishment.

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SplashZander1 day ago

Looks like the luscious greenery that Epcot so desperately needed.

Clamman731 day ago


MisterPenguin1 day ago

I wonder what the secret plot they left undone for so long is going to be?

MisterPenguin1 day ago


DCBaker1 day ago

Photos from today. 707112

tparris1 day ago

I’m struggling to maintain the self control required to not correct your misspelling of “hear”. Oh wait, I guess I just did

MisterPenguin2 days ago

Its like I can already hear Toto singing Africa!

Clamman732 days ago

egg2 days ago

I can’t read most of the sign but I like that you may GET WET!

montyz812 days ago

Fare enough, but this was signed by the Disney employees not just the construction workers. It would have been nice as as tribute.

James Alucobond2 days ago

Thank you! Looking very green indeed over by Creations, and it appears what I caught a glimpse of was GlasRoc going up on Communicore. The bypass has also gotten very narrow, it seems. Perhaps it's not a pipe dream to imagine that'll close soon to revert to backstage.

tparris2 days ago

tparris2 days ago


James Alucobond2 days ago

Found another bit of footage from the monorail this evening. Looks like there's even more planted in the gardens than in the video I found originally, so it may indeed be viewable from within the park itself. Other notes: It looks like there might be some sort of cladding or sheetrock going on a northern wall of Communicore Hall. Very hard to tell due to poor video quality. I think they may have added an attendant's podium to the entrance of Journey of Water between the three poles that will eventually support another canopy. Lots of the lighter landscaping fill that typically appears just before trees go in has been deposited in the fenced-off area next to Guest Relations / Connections.