Kipling at Disney Springs to close this weekend

Jan 19, 2021 in "Kipling"

Posted: Tuesday January 19, 2021 8:40am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Kipling in the Town Center at Disney Springs will have its final day of operation on January 23 2021.

Founded in 1987, Kipling sells lightweight handbags, luggage and accessories. The Disney Springs store was one of just a handful of locations in the US and opened in early 2016.

Kipling is located across from Frontera.

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Gabe1Jan 27, 2021

@NelleBelle Facebook is advertising a 40% off Disney themed Kipling

ABQJan 24, 2021

Can't disagree with you, however, the stores you have in your home town may not be representative of the stores most guests have in their home town.

Gabe1Jan 23, 2021

This is the best underrated the seat bag I have ever had. Throw in washing machine and it is like new. I have Vera too but they don’t cleans up well over time. Best purchase award. It has a sleeve on one side to slip over my carry on luggage too. Every thing I need for my short trips to WDW. It holds both my laptop and tablet easily.

MickeyLuv'rJan 20, 2021

DS has an Under Armour store. I bought a pair of sneakers there a few years back for a very reasonable price. Not only were they on sale, but they also took off the Annual Pass 10% discount. On top of that, - at least last time I went - the outlet store mall just off WDW property has 5 or 6 major sneaker/footwear stores : Adidas, Nike, Converse, Asics, New Balance, Clarks, and ecco. They also have a Kipling store. The outlet mall is off-property, but just barely. It is just across I-4 from the Disney Springs area hotels/Crossroads plaza. (Visible from I-4) It is less than 3 miles from the DS Lemon parking lot, and only because the access road kinda winds around. There's also a large Publix and a number of chain eateries over that way, plus it connects to I-Drive.

NelleBelleJan 20, 2021

Love the "under-seat" bag you have! Might be time to retire my Vera Bradley tote I use for under the seat! I have an Alice in Wonderland Kipling cross-over bag that I love. It's plenty big enough to carry what I need in the parks (although, now that I'm using an insulin pump and need to carry extra supplies for that, might not be big enough). Sad to see the Kipling store go. I was really wanting to pick up some more Disney-themed bags or hoping for some new themed bags when we go in a few months 😩 Guess I'll have to resort to Macy's or see if has anything I like.

Gabe1Jan 20, 2021

I a big fan of Kipling and have been for years. It is very water resistant and their material is very thick. They have their own stores up here and are carried by Nordstrom’s and Macy’s and Von Muier. They are not cheap but quality and light weight. the handles are thick and very soft woven cotton which is great for the cross bodies, string backpacks and my under the seat bag when I fly. Most of mine are not Disney but I do have a few Best under seat bag. So many compartment areas keep you organized and zippers are quality also. String backpack And a few cross bodies that are wide enough for my iPhone. 525275

Walt dJan 20, 2021

Maybe Kelly Slater. Can get some of his borads in there. I really want a omni. At a discount of course! Then put one of his wave pools near by. With just lefts please’

Figgy1Jan 20, 2021

Same here

NelleBelleJan 20, 2021

Boy, I feel ya there! That’s happened to us with our boys as well (although only one managed to outgrow the shoes for Disney—we ended up at the outlet mall)!

Gabe1Jan 19, 2021

New location opened I believe

Figgy1Jan 19, 2021

We got my son a new pair of sneakers less than a week before one trip and he outgrew them while we were down there:banghead:

DznyGrlSDJan 19, 2021

Fit2Run is open, isn't it?

matt9112Jan 19, 2021

Cant it be unique and not high end? I mean they could (if they actually wanted) come up with unique spaces that are more value oriented....this Dosen't mean cheap....just less designer. The fact is they dont want to. Nothing wrong with disney magic that isn't beating your wallet with a sledge. In fact i enjoy the disney section in target for this reason. But i visit the springs for the disney....not the brands inside...for the unique disney experience....

SkywiseJan 19, 2021

They sold handbags and handbag accessories!