Cast-to-guest pin trading returns to Walt Disney World after a three-year absence

21 days ago in "Disney's Pin Traders"

Posted: Tuesday November 7, 2023 10:@1am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Cast-to-guest pin trading is back at Walt Disney World after going on hiatus for more than three years following the pandemic.

Cast Members at Disney Springs are trading with guests using the familiar pin-covered lanyards that were commonplace pre-pandemic.

Pin trading has been available in a limited capacity at trading boards in various locations throughout Walt Disney World, including Pin Traders at Disney Springs and some merchandise locations around the resort.

For now, lanyard person-to-person trading is only available at Disney Springs, but it would seem likely that it will expand to other locations soon.

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larryz17 days ago

that didn't take long...

AEfx18 days ago

And in related news, Disneyland is finally getting rid of those professional pin traders that think it's okay to take over a park bench with all their crap pins trying to trick tourists into trading good ones for. I love that they put this part in, just to make sure these morons know they mean business: "No Use of Benches Benches or any other structures for the display of pins will not be permitted. Benches are for seating purposes only."

asianway21 days ago

Geez the only good thing to come of covid.

DCBaker21 days ago

Disney has also confirmed this afternoon that Cast Member pin trading will be returning to all of Walt Disney World later in 2024.

Comped21 days ago

Hopefully it will mean I'll get to see some good pins out this weekend - pre-pandemic CM to guest trades were how I got some 90% of my rare pins until I started buying more frequently at a few shops around Orlando.

jeanericuser00121 days ago

Those two statues are perfect for making memes. Donald is out shopping for daisy while daisy secretly is hanging out with someone else. Donald got dumped by daisy in favor of.....

DAK192821 days ago

hopefully with some controls for keeping low-end scrapper pins out of circulation ;)