D-Living home decor store opening in the Town Center at Disney Springs next week

Nov 18, 2016 in "D-Living"

Posted: Friday November 18, 2016 1:38pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced that it will be opening a new home decor store in Disney Springs just ahead of the holidays.

Called D-Living, the store will offer home decorations that change with each season. According to a post on the official Disney Parks Blog, "For the holiday season, this signature store will look and feel just like an inviting home on Christmas morning. In every room, and around every corner, guests will discover a charming selection of Disney-inspired furnishings, housewares, and décor sure to make every home magical and bright."

D-Living opens on November 23 2016, and is located next to UNOde50, across from Sephora in the Town Center of Disney Springs.

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TomHendricksMay 22, 2017

My wife and I were ready to purchase the Disney Flatware but without a dessert fork, it was a no go.

JenniferSMay 13, 2017

Pics of that "new" Beauty and the Beast overlay, which is now already gone. :hilarious: March 21/17: 204685 204686

WDWFanDaveMay 12, 2017

This *could* be something special. I don't think it even reaches "good". Saw it in person, with the Beauty & the Beast overlay / merchandise. It's more like an exhibit, not a retail operation. That's my opinion, anyway.

disneygeek90May 11, 2017

Now it looks like it has even more of an identity crisis. :cautious: Looks nice, but kind of a random assortment of merch.

wdwmagicMay 11, 2017

D-Living has a new summer overlay in place of Beauty and the Beast, here is a look inside. http://www.wdwmagic.com/shopping/d-living/gallery/11may2017-d-living-summer.htm

macefamilyJan 24, 2017

Stopped in there during our visit earlier this month. Got a cast iron Mickey pot stand and some Disney throw pillows. Some really cool stuff in there.

Kman101Jan 16, 2017

According to Orlando Theme Park News, D-Living is closing Jan 31-Feb 2 to "install a new overlay" Good because I wasn't impressed by it, to say the least

LAKid53Jan 13, 2017

I know, I know.... Coach, Saphora, Kate Spade, that store that sells sparkly things for your fingers..... My achilles heel? The Fit2Run store over by Circ du Soliel....

MagicHappens1971Jan 13, 2017

This was a good concept had it been executed properly, like creating uniquely themed merchandise just for this location, but that's not something TDO seems capable of doing right now.

HiYa PalDec 29, 2016

Well that is their entire merchandising strategy resort wide......

Kman101Dec 22, 2016

Makes sense. That's all that was in there, a bunch of ... stuff that was found elsewhere. LOL

Next Big ThingDec 22, 2016

I think it was more Disney taking advantage of an unused storefront during the holiday season when they could stand to make a decent profit in the area. A tenant will come along eventually, but the fact that Disney is currently residing and not allowing for a company to set-up shop signifies that they don't have anyone lined up at the current time.

Jon81ukDec 22, 2016

I think it's only a temporary store anyway until Disney can find a new tenant. Pretty much all the Disney merchandise can be found somewhere else in marketplace

Kman101Dec 22, 2016

I wasn't very impressed by this store in the slightest. Small and to me a very poor selection. I didn't know what to expect but it wasn't very good. JMO.