PHOTOS - Latest overlay at D-Living in Disney Springs

Aug 18, 2017 in "D-Living"

D-Living apparel layout
Posted: Friday August 18, 2017 8:50am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

D-Living at Disney Springs has mixed things up again, reopening from a brief closure with a brand new overlay.

The ever-changing store is now featuring headwear and apparel, including the new interchangeable Bow collection.

The starter headband includes a removable, sequin-covered bow and three areas where the bows can be clipped. In addition to the starter headband, there are six Disney character-inspired bows - Cruella de Vil, Princess Aurora, Princess Jasmine, Princess Ariel, Maleficent, Queen of Hearts.

View the gallery more photos of the new D-Living store.

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PrincessJulia1207Aug 21, 2017

any plans to carry it elsewhere? im visiting next month so i need the 411 where to shop (please) :D

wdwmagicAug 21, 2017

Currently yes

JenniferSAug 20, 2017

I really like the D-Living concept and it's ability to be totally re-imagined three or four times/year. That being said, this iteration seems very uninspired. I'll probably be skipping this one entirely.

Maccabee18Aug 19, 2017

Did you not see the lackluster imagery used for the closing of UoE and GMR? It was so low key and looked very last minute. Almost all the stuff is made in China and looks of pretty cheap or poor quality. Half the displays with lights or gadgets when I got to WOD looks broken also, which means not meant to last.

AndrewsJAug 18, 2017

"Living" requires apparel in most cases. How do you judge merchandise quality from pictures on the internet. Just curious.

PrincessJulia1207Aug 18, 2017

is this the only store carrying the minnie ears collection? i'm wondering if they're available in the parks too :)

Maccabee18Aug 18, 2017

So now its another store that sells apparel? What happened to the "living" aspect of D-Living? I love Disney but the merchandise quality has gotten extremely cheap looking, poor quality and focused on turn and burn. They should make better quality product that will last longer since they seem to have no problem charging an arm and a leg for everything else.