PHOTOS - Bonjour Village Gifts refurbishment brings a new color scheme

Feb 08, 2021 in "Bonjour Village Gifts"

Bonjour Village Gifts exterior refurbishment - February 5 2021
Posted: Monday February 8, 2021 11:32am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Bonjour Village Gifts in New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom is currently under refurbishment, and with it comes a new look.

The original yellow/orange color scheme has been replaced with a green color palette.

The store is currently closed for business, although the exterior work is nearing completion.

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Prototype82Feb 22, 2021

Wonderful to see the mural getting retouched. It's such a charming little area and I'm glad it's getting some TLC.

BoarderPhreakFeb 17, 2021

I like it it. Invokes a mossy feel, even if the execution is a bit weak. The other sections look like other buildings along a town street instead of just an odd-shaped, single building. Can't argue that the building doesn't look really fresh now.

Parker in NYCFeb 08, 2021

And we've finally come full circle. Shrek moves to WDW.

Fox&HoundFeb 08, 2021

I like it- looks good...

Prototype82Feb 08, 2021

Will the mural aspect on the left side of the be retouched?

Disney AnalystFeb 08, 2021

Yeah, just checked a video from grand opening of New Fantasyland, this green is the original colour. I assume they are just restoring it and it’ll fade again...

MovieloverFeb 07, 2021

As natural as the bag of shredded cheese that’s been in the back of my fridge since the lockdowns started...

WondersOfLifeFeb 07, 2021

I wouldn't say natural

JoeCamelFeb 07, 2021

Same guy that chose the castle turrets chose this, don't know if it is a conscious choice or the guy needs his vision tested. Maybe he has cataracts and he sees though a fog

yensidtlaw1969Feb 07, 2021

Not quite sure what people are on about - the building has always been Green. This photo is from the Soft Opening in 2012: The green appears to be a little more saturated now than it used to be (though that could be a product of the photo), but it's not a wild departure from the original color scheme.

MansionButler84Feb 06, 2021

Is this just for St. Patrick’s Day?

castlecake2.0Feb 06, 2021

Literally every time I go to Epcot I stop at GR and express my disappointment with that pavilion.

TuvaluFeb 06, 2021

Yeah, no. Old was better.