PHOTOS - The Art of Shaving opens at Disney Springs

Feb 05, 2015 in "Art of Shaving"

Posted: Thursday February 5, 2015 9:49am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Art of Shaving is now open at The Landing district of Disney Springs.

The men's grooming and shaving specialist opened its doors yesterday, and can be found in the new row of stores added to what was the former Pleasure Island area of Downtown Disney. Art of Shaving is located directly across from Paradiso 37.

As well as selling a full range of shaving and grooming products, there is also a barber spa service, where you can indulge in a range of services from a master barber. On offer is a hair cut for $40 and a range of shaves starting at $35. There is a dedicated spa room off to the side from the retail store for a relaxing escape.

The store is open Sun - Thu 10am to 11pm and Fri - Sat 10am to 11:30pm. A special grand opening offer is currently available giving 15% discount on purchase of $75 or more.

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Jon81ukMar 06, 2015

But most of the Disney-owned places on Pleasure Island sold the same merchandise as you could get in World of Disney, just displayed differently. Then Harley Davidson & Curl opened, but there was still some Disney merch. When Disneyland first opened there were shops stocking other brands on Main St, they might have been run by Disney but they exclusively sold certain brands such as Timex or Hallmark ( Also of course the Arribas Bros have sold glassware in Disney parks and DTD for years. Outside vendors and brands are nothing new. I'm not sure how much was Disney operated and how much was outside vendors but the original LBV Village sold an eclectic mix of stuff and then in the 90s is when the changes such as Rainforest Cafe and Lego happened Things change. Personally I think a boutique spa barbershop is a pretty decent addition, considering there is already a more ladies focused Spa/hairdressers at the Grand Floridian

Mouse DetectiveMar 06, 2015

Besides the clubs, all the numerous shops on Pleasure Island were Disney owned and were converted to 3rd party places.

TomHendricksMar 05, 2015

For a Haircut and and a Royal Shave. The Royal Shave is pretty much a spa experience. You're there for an hour, it's super relaxing and wonderful. I think it's well worth it but everyones mileage may vary.

GoofGoofMar 05, 2015

I really don't remember the shopping village from the 80s since I was just a kid and really couldn't have cared less about shopping. The DTD I remember from the 90s was primarily the marketplace and PI and later came West Side. The West Side was/is primarily 3rd party vendors, but I didn't think they replaced Disney owned establishments. I thought that was built in addition to what was already there. The Marketplace seems to me to be mostly the same mix. It's still mostly Disney operated stores, but they had 3rd party vendors like Rain Forest Cafe. PI is obviously gone and that seems to be the big change to me. So outside of PI what Disney owned establishments were removed for 3rd party tenants? I'm not trying to be argumentative, I just can't think of anything major. It could be that the changes happened before my time.

CDavidMar 05, 2015

As I stated above, many of the Disney owned and operated establishments were previously removed in favor of third party tenants. And again, "The fact that such removal is not a current change doesn't diminish the loss of a unique Disney identity to the shopping complex."

GoofGoofMar 05, 2015

Other than the original clubs at PI and Captain Jack's on the water, what Disney owned and operated shops and dining establishments closed to make way for this project?

CDavidMar 05, 2015

Eighty dollars?!? Forty for a haircut?!? Uh, no. There is a large and fundamental difference between corporate sponsors in Walt Disney World (restaurant sponsored by Coca-Cola, attraction sponsored by Nestle, etc.) and the corporate entity actually having its own branded store (McDonald's, Starbucks, Art of Shaving). The inclusion of generally recognizable outside companies as tenants is more recent and, indeed, people have always came to Walt Disney World for Disney; You cannot claim Disney offers experiences you can't get anywhere else when they offer many of the same things you can find half a dozen other places. That's not a knock on Art of Shaving or any of the other Disney Springs' third-party tenants, and there is certainly a market for these goods. Most of the stores will likely do quite well. Still, we've clearly lost much of the unique to Disney, destination experiences when we have Ghirardelli and Earl of Sandwich (excellent though it is) instead of Donald's Dairy Dip and Lite Bite or Goofy's Grill. Many of the Disney owned and operated shops and dining establishments are already gone. The fact that such removal is not a current change doesn't diminish the loss of a unique Disney identity to the chopping complex. Again, most of these stores and restaurants look to be quite nice and well fit the market, but its not strictly a Disney experience. If this exact development - same tenants and design/architecture down to the last detail - had instead been built by a third party where Crossroads now stands, would posters here feel the same way about it?

TomHendricksFeb 16, 2015

I had my haircut and Royal Shave yesterday and got to look around the store. Ned was my barber and he was fantastic. The store was immensely busy, with people just looking but also buying. About a dozen people came into the barber spa while I was there, several asking about getting aappointments.

71jasonFeb 14, 2015

I still have friends that get 35%, thanks for the heads up

Next Big ThingFeb 14, 2015

The 40% just went away. But it was valid at Sunglass hut.

71jasonFeb 14, 2015

Sunglass Hut offers the 40% CM discount? Relevant to my interests.

mechurchladyFeb 08, 2015

WDW has beauty salons for women. Art of Shaving offers conventioneers and businessmen luxurious pampering so they look nice for business. It is a niche that WDW can't fill in Disney stores. Some men like to pamper themselves which I find nothing wrong. It allows women to find a unique gift. DTD is a bought niches!!!!!!!!!! I won't belong to Apex club but some people buy sunglasses a lot.

TheRabbitFeb 07, 2015

Finally, an open minded response that makes sense to me. THANK YOU. :) I totally agree!

GoofGoofFeb 07, 2015

They aren't removing any of the Disney related stuff. It's not like they are closing World of Disney to make room for a hat, sunglass and flip flop store. They are actually expanding World of Disney. The Marketplace is mostly going to be unchanged and a majority of what's there is Disney related. The Town Center area will be additional retail spots and mostly (or maybe all) 3rd party vendors. Shopping is not my cup of tea either, but it's popular with some people. Plenty of people venture off property to a local mall to shop while at WDW for vacation. This saves them a trip.