PHOTOS - Ground clearing for the upcoming addition of 'The Cove' to the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort

Mar 11, 2019 in "Walt Disney World Swan Resort"

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin The Cove construction

Work is now well underway on ground clearing for the upcoming addition of 'The Cove' to the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort.

The new hotel will be built on the site of the former tennis courts, which are now largely cleared.

There are a number of construction walls around the mini golf area, which is still open for business.

When complete, the expansion will add a 14 story tower with 349 guest rooms including 151 suites, 22000 square feet of meeting space and a 90 seat restaurant. The new location will be open for group bookings beginning March 1, 2021. 

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Article Posted: Mar 11, 2019 / 3:01pm ET
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MisterPenguin5 days ago

The July 2021 date seems to indicate a delayed opening from the previous March 1 date here tag @wdwmagic].

TJ Vazquez5 days ago

Looks like this is officially an Autograph Collection hotel. Makes sense since they already have Westin and Sheraton branded hotels there. Also what's interesting is the name still seems a bit in flux, as its called a "Orlando Southwest" thus far.

Magic Feather19 days ago

A little late on the name party, but even the original, full name was “The Cove at the Walt Disney World Swan,” so this was always meant to be a quasi-extension in connection with the Swan. The Swan Reserve is definitely a weirder name (which I could honestly see being changed again), but it hits all of the notes they want “a slightly more luxurious neighbor to the Swan”. And, yes, I do believe that this property will technically be classed in the Autograph Collection.

Epcot82Guy20 days ago

So, I just spent the weekend at the Dolphin - and an interesting observation. The color scheme actually pairs pretty well with the interior design of the current rooms. The big issue there is how it doesn't match the exterior. It immediately made me wonder if we might be in for an exterior color change on the main hotels - incorporating more of the tans and blues. If done well, I think it could actually be pretty successful while giving homage to the original color scheme.

DCBaker20 days ago

MisterPenguin25 days ago

Well, yes and no. Depending which site you land on, Marriott sometimes continues the distinction of the two being Westin v. Sheraton, and sometimes no mention of those brands. Also the price for the two reflect a higher price (usually) for the Swan to indicate it is more luxe. It did get the higher grade beds in the latest refurbs. But, other than that, they often operate as one unit. All the amenities are shared between the two. When I had a crazy split stay between them due to availability (Dolphin to Swan back to Dolphin), I went to the Dolphin desk to explain the situation and to see if they had any openings so I wouldn't have to jump to the Swan for two days, and the CM was able to move the Swan reservation to the Dolphin. So, they are pretty well linked with regard to reservations. If Marriott really wanted them to be just one hotel, they'd stop having the reservations system between the two -- as it appears outwardly to guests -- as two distinct hotels and just merge the reservation site as "Swan and Dolphin" -- which they haven't... yet.

mgf25 days ago

I meant to say "not a Sheraton". Saying "this is probably a Westin" would have been simpler wording anyway. Sorry! Also, it is not like it really makes that big of a difference anymore. Swan and Dolphin are both in the same rewards category anyway. The Autograph Collection is an interesting thought....

_caleb25 days ago

I see. I knew about Swan and Dolphin being one "resort." I didn't realize that the new hotel was really just a new, taller, uglier, more expensive wing on that same resort. Thanks.

The Pho25 days ago

The Swan and Dolphin are already handled as a single resort. It makes sense to treat this building as an expansion of the existing property rather than a separate entity. Plus then it boosts them from 47th largest hotel in the world to ~38th largest.

_caleb25 days ago

Seems like it makes it recognizable as a new addition to an existing hotel. But that's not what it's supposed to be, is it?

TJ Vazquez25 days ago

Why do you say that? I would assume it would be either an extension of the Westin (Swan) or an Autograph Collection based on the name change to Swan which is Westin property. They usually don't have 2 of the same brands next door to each other.

mgf26 days ago

Well at least now we know this is very likely a Sheraton Hotel. I don't think we knew that before. ETA: Clarifying a typo "very likely *NOT* a Sheraton Hotel."

The Pho26 days ago

Marriott had discussed looking into a new name last year. They wanted to avoid brand confusion with their Cove hotel in Atlantis. This name at least makes the hotel recognizable from the start, although they could’ve done better in many respects.

DCBaker26 days ago