Latest look at land clearing for the new DVC tower at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

Jul 06, 2022 in "Disney's Polynesian Villas and Bungalows"

Luau Cove area demolition - July 6 2022
Posted: Wednesday July 6, 2022 8:27am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is quick look at the former Luau Cove site that has now been cleared to begin the preparations to build the new Disney Vacation Club tower at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.

All that remains of Luau Cove is a few dumpsters and a small part of the structure that likely contains essential utility components.

The new DVC tower is planned to open in 2024.

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nickys2 hours ago

Equally though it could be the regulatory body who rules it out. But if the decision is reversed there could be a lot of unhappy resale buyers.

Doberge2 hours ago

I believe I read that the question was specifically about association and that the answer includes "yes, " "same resort, " and "at this time." They didn't need to answer the question and could have punted. Execs were in the room and did not immeridtaley correct. In time since Disney has known the news that's been reported but hasn't offered anything to slow it down or stop it. But yes, it was qualified as at this time because that's the best way to CYA in the exceedingly unlikely scenario Disney decides to crush member trust and back track. They've had years to make this decision, it’s the decision that makes the most sense, and they're filing will be in the next few months so I'm not expecting any changes.

nickys3 hours ago

The quote by Chang was “our plans right now are for the new tower to be part of the existing Polynesian resort." That’s where the ambiguity comes in, the words “right now”. Some ae also highlighting the word “resort” instead of “association”. Seemingly afterwards she said the wording was because they haven’t filed yet (presumably with a regulatory body). And guides have said that they are not allowed to say that the Poly will be part of the existing association until that is cleared legally.

Marionnette3 hours ago

I've read statements by people who were present at the meeting and they are all pretty much saying that there was no ambiguity in how Ms. Chang answered the question as it was posed. The fact that to date no one from DVD has issued a statement that refutes it is kind of telling. I believe that the intention is to make Poly2 a part of the original association. However, as with most things Disney does, nothing is for certain until it's on paper and filed with the state. And even then, the POS can be amended at a later date.

biggy H11 hours ago

Someone on a Facebook group posted this the other day.. "Just spoke with Yvonne Chang during the reception about Poly Towers some more. She stressed that the plan to make it part of the current poly association could change. They haven’t filed anything yet and have a way to go." Also I have seen reports that Disney said "resort" and not "association", a big difference between the two. Anybody who was there or seen a recording know the exact words used? So I would still say we have no definite answer. That will only happen when the paperwork is filed.

Doberge1 day ago

Also many add-ons from current Poly owners that need more points for bigger accommodations. I have "only" 100 Poly points so this is my group.

nickys1 day ago

I think there will be a lot of add-on purchases from existing members at other resorts. Having 1,2&3 beds will hugely increase demand. Resale prices for the Poly will also rise.

Doberge1 day ago

I think it is safe to expect the same starting price with the best incentives to float between Poly, Riviera, and FW, similar to how VGF was sold alongside Riviera. They'll also differentiate Poly and FW with different point charts for comparable sized rooms, like a Poly one bedroom will likely cost a decent bit more than one week in a cabin so people buying into FW will need fewer points for a week compared to Poly.

Marionnette1 day ago

Well, if the Polyday Inn points are part of the existing PVB association, then resale restrictions will only affect the resale points' use at RIV and DLH, plus any future resorts. They will not be relegated to use only at PVB the same way that RIV resale points can only be used at RIV. They will be handled in the same manner as VGF2 points.

Batman'sParents1 day ago

Now to see what pricing will be on Polly tower versus cabins at four wilderness. Does Disney have any incentive to offer significant incentives for Polynesian will be part of the same association? I guess we won’t reach grand Floridian fire sale numbers of the summer.

MR.Dis1 day ago

Well, I predicted this over a year ago. On another forum I was so ridiculed for my predictions, I quit it. I posted my opinion with 5 reasons. Instead of just disagreeing with my opinion, I was made out to be a village idiot. Too bad I quit the other forum, a good I told you so post is surely deserved. Oh well, not worth the effort to get back on.

nickys1 day ago

pdude811 day ago

When they announced the new association for cabins at FW I knew the writing was on the wall. This is really good for me having owner priority in the new building, but I think it's dumb for DVD. Unless of course they plan to shift a bunch of bungalow points over to the new building and rip everybody off. I was sure this would be a new association. Happy to be wrong though.

nickys1 day ago

Just announced that this will be part of the existing PVB condo association.