Latest look at the Disney Vacation Club tower construction site at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

Nov 28, 2023 in "Disney's Polynesian Villas and Bungalows"

Polynesian Resort Disney Vacation Club tower construction - November 26 2023
Posted: Tuesday November 28, 2023 10:36am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Here is a latest look at the construction site for the upcoming Disney Vacation Club tower at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort in Walt Disney World.

The new DVC tower at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort has a planned opening in 2024.

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Bocabear44 minutes ago

so from the frying pan directly into the fire? plus a $100+ ticket to get

mysto50 minutes ago

Poly guests can always head over to MK at lunchtime to get away from the crowds.

Zummi Gummi1 hour ago

There's no way the tower won't have its own quick service, right? Captain Cook's, as mentioned, can't handle the current demand. This would send them over the edge. Surely Disney is aware of this.

Bocabear15 hours ago

It really is shocking to me...especially with as profit-driven as they are, that they would not have built a larger Trader Sam's or at least built a fabulous version of the Tangaroa Terrace type family restaurant that was completely themed for full service dining... yeah Yeah I know they have Kona upstairs, but Kona feels like a coffee shop...this could be whimsically done and a replacement experience for those that can't get into Trader Sam's... It would also then be really great to completely enforce a 21 and older in Trader Sam's... Once they have a beautifully done dining spot with a similar vibe, it will take the pressure off....

networkpro16 hours ago

We wont start discussing the capacity trainwreck that is Trader Sam's, Trader Sam's Terrace, and Tambu lounge currently without the addition of 268 more rooms to the existing 847.

Bocabear16 hours ago

I am supposing there will be something on the first floor...Looks like it in the artwork....probably be on the level with Sanaa I would guess, but they could sure use another bigger and better version of Captain Cooks...even if the convert the old Neverland Club/ Tangaroa Terrace back into a working restaurant it would give more space than Captain Cook's....

Ayla17 hours ago

Poly has been overwhelmed for years. Adding a new hotel next door with inadequate food service definitely isn't going to help.

Tha Realest21 hours ago

Captain Cooks already feels overtaxed. Can’t imagine what adding that additional number of rooms without any commensurate increase in comparable food options will do.

Virtual Toad1 day ago

True, though I have seen that space used on occasion for conferences and athletic event staging, it does represent a possible expansion space. They managed to shoehorn in the shake shop downstairs so it's definitely possible. Back to the topic at hand, it seems Loews (which operates Cabana Bay) is not afraid to add capacity and "staff up" to meet customer demand, something Disney seems to go out of its way to avoid. Food and beverage sales at Cabana Bay have to be quite profitable for them to have so many options. Having those options also helps drive guest satisfaction and repeat business. Simply put, it's good for the brand. Hoping the DVC Poly adds enough new places to eat and drink so the original Poly is not overwhelmed.

Chef idea Mickey`=1 day ago

Sounds neat, however it being placed on or next to the monorail beam then this Cabana Bay style type resort would be expensive as heck! Disney's Florida Bay a DVC resort All that's missing is a 60's Diner on the second floor instead of a recreational convention style unused space.

Bocabear2 days ago

We have stayed at Cabana Bay a couple times and yes! It is an amazing resort and so much nicer than the WDW All Star and POP resorts.... Great pool area with a lazy river and as you said, great food options... Plus the location for Volcano Bay...and when we stayed there is was about half the price of Disney's Value resorts.... and did not feel value at all.

Chef idea Mickey`=2 days ago

Sounds neat*, however it being placed on or next to the monorail beam then this Cabana Bay style type resort would be expensive as heck! Disney's Florida Bay a DVC resort!

Virtual Toad3 days ago

LOL! Cabana Bay was exactly what I thought of as I read your post. But sadly what you describe is way more rich in theme than what they're building next to the Poly. Actually, what you describe reminds me a lot of the Disneyland Hotel circa 1995-2005-ish. A ton of nostalgic references and artifacts throughout. We'd stand in awe in front of the large display case in the lobby at every opportunity. Not to ramble, but I also thought of Cabana Bay in response to Haunted Pirate's comment about dining. CB has a giant food court, two quick service eateries at its pools, two pool bars, a lobby bar and sit-down dining (eta: and a bar!) at its on-site bowling alley. (eta): And a full-size Starbucks as well. (eta much later:)) And in-room pizza delivery. And an ice cream/shake shop! (whew!) Not bad for a value resort. Your move, WDW.

Phicinfan3 days ago

You could have dedicated monorail suites - just wake up and ride to the park! You could convert one of the ferries to a boat Hotel, so you could cruise around the lake all day and night for views Not to mention the best part - a set of busses set up like mobile homes for you to reserve and then rent golf carts to move too and fro around the TTC! Take some of the best parts of other resorts....