Disney begins canceling some 'Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser' voyages this summer

Jan 19, 2023 in "Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser"

Posted: Thursday January 19, 2023 1:21pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Several Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser voyages are being canceled for summer 2023, and booked guests are being moved to other dates.

According to multiple guests impacted by the cancellations, Disney is in the process of calling guests booked on affected cruises and offering to move them onto busier cruises at up to a 50% discount.

So far, the following dates appear to have been canceled: July 4, 12, 17; August 1, 7, 15, 27; September 4, 12.

A review of the official website availability calendar also now shows no voyages departing on the impacted dates.

Following stronger-than-expected initial sales, Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser bookings have stalled. It isn't immediately clear why the voyages have been canceled, but a leading theory is that the summer dates are not selling, and Disney would rather cancel the affected dates and move guests to have fuller cruises.  Some impacted guests have asked Disney why, and the agent has referred to the summer as a "refurbishment period."

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_caleb40 minutes ago

I guess you're referring to me here? I watched the video through (twice now). What @Mickey's Pal states "Her video proved the vast majority who experienced it did not love it" is not true. Maybe you can point us to a place in the video where she makes this assertion? I agree that the video is well done, but I don't understand the second half of this sentence. I hope it does! I hope Disney Executives pay attention, and that they learn something from the whole endeavor. When it comes to feedback on what's happening with the parks, I think we need more insightful, informed, well-presented feedback like Jenny's and could do with less of the half-baked, uninformed, grievance-motivated hot takes we often get around here.

Incomudro42 minutes ago

Exactly. You can certainly enjoy something, while believing that things wasn't worth it.

Mickey's Pal2 hours ago

What she has made is better than any defunctland video we could ever hope for.

celluloid2 hours ago

If the best one can do is say that the people who enjoyed it did not think it was worth the cost... Then you have stated precisely that people walked away not satisfied. Enjoyment is very subjective and moment to moment changes. Not enough were finding the value in the entire experience. It was an experience that did not satisfy enough people. For value proposition purposes these things are not mutually exclusive in business. This also goes more than immediate, as Disney was canceling bookings knowing they were not healthy enough and bookings are a thing that people do far in advance for such experiences. I could have a great day at The Magic Kingdom, but I don't think it is worth 310 dollars a day. And I don't think as many who had a great time would find that value either.

celluloid3 hours ago

And the only negative thing people can really say about it is the time it may take to watch a video. Which is because it is thoroughly analyzed like a hospitality management class and they should be utilizing this kind of thing for years about such a lesson.

Mickey's Pal4 hours ago

Exactly. They are using the exact same phrases she pointed out and debunked. Her video is truly special and flat out savage. She cooked Disney so bad.

celluloid5 hours ago

People are doing exactly what she said some would do. The same ones who said they did pay attention and when you ask them to review where it states these things, they label you rude. This video was so well done and honest, that it did more to the perception than Disney's millions on materials and efforts really did. This video is going to have a greater impact on the subject than the actual duration of the venture it is reviewing.

pdude819 hours ago

There can be issues in the app that screw up everything, but there is a team dedicated to this that can help you move things along if this happens. This actually happened to me because my son was right at the age where he could be in the kiddie saber training or the adult. I wanted him to be able to do the youngling one also, which was really fun, but our app ended up having a different Saja (trainer) than who we had in our adult training and at that point a number of our in app communications stopped flowing. They did say if you have any problems in story/communications to go to Passenger Services which I did. They helped push some things through so we could get on to the next parts. Unfortunately this continued on Batuu but they had two programmers basically sitting at the gateway you could stop by and ask for help should anything go wrong. Now this ruined a bit of the immersion for me as far as the communications went, but the real life pieces were all still happening and the character interaction for my particular group was flawless. There were some other app issues that I think might have been due to the weird version of android I was running on a cheap Oneplus phone. However, they had iPhone loaners at the ready for anyone who wanted/needed them. I chose to make sure I handled the tech issues so the others in my party didn't need to. If I was alone this might have been more frustrating... but then again if I were alone I might not have had those setup issues due to multiple trainings. They don't really "assign" loyalties, but your interactions in real life with characters as well as how you answer questions in the app gave you "trust" levels with those characters. Certain bridge trainings that you were assigned, however, would lead to interactions that could push you in one direction or another. They also will give you additional events or meetings that can show up in the app schedule depending on your choices. A lot of the events that show on the schedule before you board are really just cover for other things that were going on in secret, or things that people could just generally do if they weren't into exploring and furthering their alliances in the evening.

Mireille10 hours ago

What a weird claim to make. She proved she didn't enjoy it, she didn't prove anything about what other people felt, other than if her experience confirmed other peoples' critiques. I don't doubt her experience at all and I found her video enjoyable (as usual for her) and well argued. I believe she went early on since she was so excited to go and I wonder if the loyalty tracking in the app just wasn't working correctly and it improved or if it was just a case of some people were "assigned" loyalties that they actually wanted so they believed it worked. Also, since she went early I would imagine it was full or nearly full and no matter what, if there are fewer people, everyone will be able to get more interaction with the characters. I never would have gone for what they were charging and even if it had been cheaper I don't know if dedicating 2 entire days to a Star Wars story, either by itself or part of a longer WDW trip, would feel like a good use of my time. I can understand not being interested in an experience but you seem to have a weird vested interest in proving everybody hated it despite first hand accounts from people that liked it. It's like you're fueled by schadenfreude.

MrPromey12 hours ago

Right, but you can't point to where in the four hours it is to back up what you're saying. I've been through that haystack once because I wanted to. I'm the one who posted it here. I'm not going through it again to find the needle you say is in there somewhere. The burden of proof to back up your claim is on you, my friend. If I could point to a time stamp to prove she didn't say that, I would but I can't prove a negative. Since you're not willing to do that, I'll assume we can agree you were mistaken and move on. Don't feel bad. It happens to the best of us now and then.

Mickey's Pal17 hours ago

The evidence in the video with 5 million plus views my guy. Just watch it again. Its in there.

MrPromey17 hours ago

I've seen the whole thing, too. Didn't see what you claimed to see but if you've seen it twice, and you don't want to post the clip that backs up your claim, maybe you could provide the time marker?

Mickey's Pal18 hours ago

I suggest you watch the whole thing. I have seen it twice now and it is better the 2nd time

MrPromey19 hours ago

Nope, especially not the last 15 minutes... Maybe you can post a time-saved clip of where she says the majority of people who said they enjoyed it are lying and all really hated it and prove your point. I think that would shut me and everyone else here up.