Disney begins canceling some 'Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser' voyages this summer

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Posted: Thursday January 19, 2023 1:21pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Several Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser voyages are being canceled for summer 2023, and booked guests are being moved to other dates.

According to multiple guests impacted by the cancellations, Disney is in the process of calling guests booked on affected cruises and offering to move them onto busier cruises at up to a 50% discount.

So far, the following dates appear to have been canceled: July 4, 12, 17; August 1, 7, 15, 27; September 4, 12.

A review of the official website availability calendar also now shows no voyages departing on the impacted dates.

Following stronger-than-expected initial sales, Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser bookings have stalled. It isn't immediately clear why the voyages have been canceled, but a leading theory is that the summer dates are not selling, and Disney would rather cancel the affected dates and move guests to have fuller cruises.  Some impacted guests have asked Disney why, and the agent has referred to the summer as a "refurbishment period."

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Incomudro4 days ago

When I mentioned show, I was really talking about streetmosphere rather than staged productions. I think it would be great to have some character actors haggle around the shops, and do similar things that make the place look lived in.

_caleb4 days ago

Since they’re committed to the idea of timeline-specific immersion, I would like to see them add “streetmosphere” rather than shows. If they want entertainment, they could maybe add a droid or alien busker or something. Otherwise, I’d like to see people bustling about, interacting with one another, etc. Similar to some of what we see at Avengers Campus at DCA….

celluloid5 days ago

Exactly. Also notable, are the other entertainment offerings there that increase the idea and atmosphere that the world is lived in.

drizgirl5 days ago

Universal manages to put on 4 live shows several times a day in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, despite the small size of those lands and the huge number of people who visit. It adds so much life to those areas.

Incomudro5 days ago

The personal story elements always sounded undoable given the quantity of guests. However, they certainly could have - should have given us live characters roaming GE, putting on "shows", etc. (I know this is done on a small scale, but it should be larger and make GE look like it's actually inhabited rather than like Pandora is after everyone left.)

brideck6 days ago

If you kept the whole Gaia performance (or created some new performance for non-cruise dining) and made it a dinner theater kind of thing, it could work, but you'd have to find enough people willing to give up 2-3 hours of park time and pay whatever the appropriate prix fixe would be to do it. There are story elements in the show, but those could be minimized/rewritten for those performances. Even so, you'd have to walk past some things on the ship to get to the dining area from the transport bay, so it would be a potentially odd experience. The urge to explore would be pretty strong.

_caleb6 days ago

Except that the restaurant (as TP has posted about several times) isn’t exactly the best part of the Starcruiser. In fact, I’m not sure any of it was designed to stand alone as an experience. As a whole, those who have done the Starcruiser say it’s fantastic. But piecemeal, I imagine it would be disappointing.

Coaster Lover6 days ago

It's a shame they can't find a way to utilize some of the "ship's" resources the days they don't have a voyage. For example, I'd imagine they'd have no issues booking the restaurant at a reasonably premium price. Give Galaxy's Edge the restaurant it always needed. Wouldn't completely make up for the fact that the starcruiser doesn't have overnight guests, but it would help...

corran horn8 days ago

I don't think that's a conspiracy theory. I think that's what happened. I have an "art of galaxy's edge" book somewhere and there's certainly things that never got made (rides) and amenities that never were incorporated into the 'vanilla' park experience.

LSLS8 days ago

I'm sure I'll get labeled a conspiracy theorist with this, but, I have a hard time believing it was just logistics. They had to have been far enough along that they felt comfortable announcing it in 2017, but in designing it they never considered if it would be logistically possible? Meanwhile, they announce an ultra-hotel that needs one-of-a-kind attractions to justify the exorbitant price tag they want to put on it? I find it just more likely that someone higher up thought they could recoup some of those costs, and that people would come to GE without that stuff anyways.

corran horn8 days ago

The wand comparison would be similar to a MagicBand+ and the Bounty Hunter game in my opinion. Having done the GS I don't think 'a lot' of the experiences are 'normal parts' of theme park admission elsewhere.

Wendy Pleakley8 days ago

It's definitely disappointing that the story elements planned for Galaxy's Edge got moved behind a large paywall. On the other hand, it would be hard to have those elements be accessible for a park seeing tens of thousands of guests at a time. A middle ground would be nice for people who want some of that but not via the StarCruiser.

MisterPenguin8 days ago

I have often said it's too expensive. At least, for me.

kingdead8 days ago

Most of it is sour grapes, but it's deserved. It's an expensive Disney theme park, people want to think that they're going to experience something really unique and wonderful when they go. Knowing that a lot of the experiences--and again, a lot of the Starcruiser experiences are normal parts of theme park admission elsewhere or are at most $100 per person upsells*--are either $6k or completely unavailable? That has to sting. * For example, if I bring my kid to Universal Studios and they want to do Wizarding World, it's $50 for the wand that "does magic." If I want my kid to have the equivalent theme park experience of "using the Force" at Galaxy's Edge, it's $6k and you have to go to a special room on a storyline? Ok!