Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser voyages cut to twice per week in the fall as demand stalls

Mar 07, 2023 in "Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser"

Posted: Tuesday March 7, 2023 10:@1am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney continues to adjust operations at Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser in Walt Disney World as demand for the lavish two-night experience wanes.

The latest Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser schedule for the fall season shows most weeks having only two departures per week.

After stronger-than-expected initial sales, Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser bookings have stalled, forcing Disney to look to save costs and boost bookings.

Most recently, Disney began canceling voyages in the summer that had very few bookings, moving guests to other dates with a 50% discount for the inconvenience.

We have seen discounts for Disney Vacation Club members using points and offers on resort hotel stays before or after a Star Cruiser Voyage.

Cast Members are now also eligible for a 50% discount on select 2-night Starcruiser voyages.

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Mickey's Pal1 day ago

I every day that I wake up and I reminded this is closed- it brings a smile to my face.

Phil123 days ago

Josh was right in blaming the guest. The plain fact of the matter is that most of the Disney attractions are very mediocre and poor entertainment. IASW, CBJ, Tiki Room, all the many spinners, JC, Tea Cups, Tomorrowland Speedway to name but a few, pack in the guests with very long wait times. Disney has no reason to provide quality attractions when the existing poor attractions make a huge profit and guests are willing to pay more and more every year for the same low quality junk.

Rich Brownn3 days ago

Epcot81Fan3 days ago

Exactly. When hour-long YouTube videos are uploaded the day of the first "cruise", there is no mystery to what the "intergalactic" line dancing, Playskool lightsabers, and "spacey" cafeteria experiences are offering. He WISHES it was 1985 and they could get a couple good years out of it before everybody caught on to what it actually was - this concept suffered from too much customer knowledge.

TP20003 days ago

At my most gracious, I could say that Josh D'Amaro was trying to publicly defend his team that had a failed product. But his phrasing wasn't good. He blamed the customers for being too dumb to get it, even though 2020's customers had easy and unprecedented access to information about this expensive product; splashy corporate websites, long YouTube videos from Disney and other customers, pro and amateur podcasts, Tripadvisor reviews, blogs, etc., etc. It's not 1985 and the only way to advertise the Galactic Starcruiser was via 30 second TV ads and a brochure rack at your local travel agency. Dear Mr. D'Amaro: Your savvy and upscale customers had easy and instant access to thousands of pieces of information about the Galactic Starcruiser. They aren't dumb people. They made their decisions on this product on purpose.

MisterPenguin3 days ago

Yes, but the new storyline will be a Wookie convention on the ship, but, due to a mix-up, mostly Ewoks show up.

donaldtoo3 days ago

donaldtoo3 days ago

That’s it, I’m getting a DNR/DNR order - do not resuscitate/do not remove…until all dead. Chances are it won’t happen in a Disney Park, but it’s worth a shot to possibly become the first person to ever “die” in one…!!!!! :hilarious:

TP20004 days ago

So you're saying there's a chance the Galactic Starcruiser will reopen, with new marketing?

MisterPenguin4 days ago

When is "It was difficult to explain to the public" The same thing as "The public had difficulty understanding"?

Cliff4 days ago

You will rarely see Disney ever admit they were wrong or made a's just not in their corporate culture. Y'know...for the longest time, Disney did not like to even admit that people die in the parks. If paramedics were rushing a body out of Walt Disney World, the company asked them to continue CPR on the body and only log the official time of death only "after" they left Disney property. This is how the company thinks and it's how they believe in themselves. I strongly believe this strange Disney cult mentality is just as deep in executive management now as it is in the lowly fans. Disney is hubris and arrogant to absolute extreme levels. Disney does not's we, the fans that do. This is the upper company's creative culture today.... It's FINALLY time for the company to learn how to get HUMBLE now.

Communicora4 days ago

Surely it was supposed to be a voyage on a luxury ship. I mean Princess Leia voyaged on it for her honeymoon. To me, that was also one of the issues. When you think of yourself living in Star Wars you wouldn’t usually think of a luxury experience. I am glad they tried it. I just wish they’d be more real about why it wasn’t a success.

crispy4 days ago

Universal's two hotels look more Star Wars than the Galactic Starcruiser. 😂 I feel like they are trolling WDW at this point.

TP20005 days ago

Which they clearely failed at. You can't unsee those perky line dancing lessons in the lobby, like it's an All Star resort. 🤣 What was the net profit on that revenue? And how much did Disney Parks invest in designing, building, and launching the product since Fiscal Year 2018 for it to briefly exist? I've mostly been a Pepsi man, although I rarely drink soft drinks anyway. You wanna try an Edsel analogy instead? This topic resurrected because Josh D'Amaro went on record with a national business media network and said it was the customers who looked into the product but ultimately didn't buy it because they didn't understand the vision for the Galactic Starcruiser. That takes some cojones to blame the customer, but it also raises some serious red flags for what Josh D'Amaro is thinking about the future. It's troubling.