Test stays at Walt Disney World's 'Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser' begin very soon

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Posted: Wednesday January 5, 2022 2:42pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Test stays will begin as soon as January 18 2022, at Disney World's upcoming Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser.

Disney will be giving away test stays to select groups, including Disney World cast members and contest winners.

Test stays are standard procedure at Disney hotels, giving the operations team a chance to operate the Starcruiser in real-world conditions that will roll out to full operational status for the first official voyage scheduled for March 1 2022.

The 2 night, 2 day experience aboard the 100 cabin starcruiser is priced around $5000 for 2 guests during the off-season, so a test stay represents a significant win for the lucky recipients.

Learn more about Walt Disney World's Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser.

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JoeCamel25 minutes ago

Oh, it's a fan site but a fan of what??

sedati29 minutes ago

My suspicions of this not ever actually being a "fan" site finally confirmed.

JoeCamel50 minutes ago

They are quick with the observation. I don't care who "gets it" I like the snark. Paints them as the underdog and everyone loves the underdog - smart.

ChrisFL55 minutes ago

I loved Universal Orlando's tweet, but I feel like it's only for the true theme park fans who follow the news. Casual observers are probably like "huh??"

durangojim2 hours ago

You mean “cosmospolitan”

Minthorne2 hours ago

Pools are immersive too!

THE 1HAPPY HAUNT2 hours ago

Very cosmopolitan

Casper Gutman4 hours ago

If Disney weren't so unrelentingly pompous and self-serious (while simultaneously having no actual respect for any of the elements that made them culturally significant), it wouldn't be funny. But they are, so it is.

Jrb19795 hours ago

I still love it. Any shot at the mouse is an A+ in my book

castlecake2.05 hours ago

I used to find Universal’s Twitter funny, but I’m kinda over it now.

jinx84025 hours ago

Wendy Pleakley5 hours ago

Even more so than a cruise, this is very much one of those scenarios where the only time you'll be in your room is to eat, sleep, or grab a bathing suit before heading to the pool. The experience is so short that hanging out in the room really isn't going to happen for most people.

JoeCamel5 hours ago

Wait til you see the vacuum toilet....

TP20006 hours ago

It does look pretty cramped for the price point. They apparently took the concept of "cruise ship" literally. 😳 The bathroom in particular is underwhelming. A $179 per night Hampton Inn has a bigger bathroom.