Disney Vacation Club reveals new details about the expansion coming to the Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

Sep 30, 2021 in "The Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort"

Posted: Thursday September 30, 2021 12:32pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Vacation Club has today shared a first look at the new rooms coming to the Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort beginning in the summer of 2022.

The expansion will add approximately 200 proposed resort studios, a Disney Vacation Club room type unique to The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. At the same time, existing villas including deluxe studios, one- and two-bedroom villas, and three-bedroom grand villas will be enhanced.

The proposed new resort studios will feature two queen-size beds and a day bed with room for up to five guests.

The existing villas will also receive exciting enhancements.

The deluxe studios at the resort can also accommodate up to five guests and will feature a queen-size bed, a pull-down queen-size bed that tucks away seamlessly into the wall, and a charming pull-down bunk-size bed – perfect for the little ones.

One or two-bedroom villas accommodations offer full kitchens and large living areas as well as added conveniences – like modern appliances, a farmhouse sink, and a washer and dryer. Living areas will feature a new pull-down queen-size bed along with a pull-down bunk-size bed that folds away to be hidden beneath the media center.

The three-bedroom grand villa accommodations sleep up to 12 guests, with two bedrooms that include two queen-size beds each, along with a primary bedroom that features a king-size bed. Three-bedroom grand villas also boast a dining area and expansive living room. Accents in the rooms include Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Victorian-themed silhouettes and other artwork featuring Mary Poppins and Dumbo.

Work is expected to begin early next year to convert the Big Pine Key building.

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MisterPenguin5 days ago

larryz5 days ago

She's well known for her association with penguins.

nickys6 days ago

This is a better video of the new resort studios, IMO.

lazyboy97o6 days ago

The modules are more of an asset. They were manufactured so they are a lot more consistent than rooms you would find in typical construction. It’s really no more of a limitation than typical methods. Moving plumbing is always a pain but it’s been reconfigured in the modules. Even recently at the Polynesian they changed some of the accessible rooms which involved moving plumbing and electrical.

Chip Chipperson6 days ago

True. They're not a good source for WDW news, but they usually don't pretend to be. In fairness to him about the points, he said that part after he had spoken to someone staying in one of the new rooms so either those people gave him bad information or he misunderstood what they meant. The room size issue seems like he pulled it out of thin air and I honestly don't know why he would have assumed that the new rooms are smaller - especially since he had the chance to ask the DVC representative hosting the room tour.

Ayla6 days ago

Good lord, I now 100% understand why so many people are annoyed by Tim. 🤪

Disone6 days ago

I don't really think the modular construction ("pods" as you call them) of Disney's contemporary resort is really that much of a factor. The original buildings at the Polynesian were also modular construction. They're actually the same rooms as the Tower rooms at the contemporary. In each case, the contemporary and the Polynesian, have both gone through several renovations in their history prior to their most recent Moana and Incredibles themed overlays. The Incredibles just wasn't executed greatly. Moana was a rather easy fit into the Polynesian, but I'm not really sure. The same could be said for the incredibles into the contemporary. I feel like that was very forced and it shows. Just my opinion.

James Alucobond6 days ago

The problem with the Contemporary renovation isn't the room size or plumbing. It's that the color scheme is a bit off-putting, several of the finishes and furnishings come off as cheap, and the IP details are poorly implemented (crudely rendered decals in closets and dressers, ugly curtains, etc.). Some of it literally feels like something you'd find on Pinterest. The Grand Floridian, by contrast, feels more like the elements of the room are things Mary Poppins might "pick"; it's not just trading on character iconography outside of places where it makes sense, like in the toille and wall art.

helenabear6 days ago

Polynesian didn't suffer the same fate....

TheGuyThatMakesSwords6 days ago

There MAY be a very basic reason. The basic construction of the original Contemporary. Unlike the current Hotels? The Contemporary was built with "pods". I have to believe that the basic architecture severely limits what WDW can DO with it. Consider Electrical and Water runs, or room dimension alterations :(.

sndral7 days ago

There are 202 ‘new’ resort studios in BPK v. 47 deluxe studios in the original VGF building, so I’ll take deluxe studios book faster for a $1,000 Alex.

helenabear7 days ago

To be fair a lot of info is out there. I put this more on Tim for not caring to learn about the rooms. It's like he made it up on the fly. Makes me think he pretends to know DVC when he really doesn't. Not sure fact sheets on the rooms would have saved saved him from his wrong assumptions. Full disclosure this vlogger has annoyed me in the past with things said (foot in mouth more than once) so I'm not terribly positive on him anyway.

Chip Chipperson7 days ago

I had 2 thoughts when watching: 1. He had some bad information (points needed and room sizes, for example) that should have been confirmed before he made the video (or, won't case, had corrections added during editing). 2. Why did Disney invite media to tour/review the rooms and not have some sort of fact sheet to hand out before the tours to ensure that the correct information was reported?

helenabear7 days ago

Someone said they saw one at 32 which truthfully is bad too but likely it was a gun. After having a fridge die on me I trust old school thermometers more. You need full ambient temps with the door closed on it for a while. No way I would trust a temp gun for food spoilage. Sadly some are convinced it is safe. I'd rather share pics of actual thermometers in said coolers.