New Disney Vacation Club villas construction update from Disney's Grand Floridian Resort

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2022 DVC Villas construction at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort - June 162022
Posted: Friday June 17, 2022 2:04pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Extensive construction is still taking place at the Big Pine Key building which is being converted into a new Disney Vacation Club property.

Scaffolding still covers a large section of the building and work is continuing on replacing the roof tiles.

The ends of the building with the emergency staircases are being enclosed after being stripped of walls in the early stages of the project..

The expansion will add approximately 200 proposed resort studios when it opens this summer, a Disney Vacation Club room type unique to The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

Learn more about the DVC addition to the Grand Floridan and see the new resort studios.

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sndral56 minutes ago

There are 202 ‘new’ resort studios in BPK v. 47 deluxe studios in the original VGF building, so I’ll take deluxe studios book faster for a $1,000 Alex.

helenabear3 hours ago

To be fair a lot of info is out there. I put this more on Tim for not caring to learn about the rooms. It's like he made it up on the fly. Makes me think he pretends to know DVC when he really doesn't. Not sure fact sheets on the rooms would have saved saved him from his wrong assumptions. Full disclosure this vlogger has annoyed me in the past with things said (foot in mouth more than once) so I'm not terribly positive on him anyway.

Chip Chipperson3 hours ago

I had 2 thoughts when watching: 1. He had some bad information (points needed and room sizes, for example) that should have been confirmed before he made the video (or, won't case, had corrections added during editing). 2. Why did Disney invite media to tour/review the rooms and not have some sort of fact sheet to hand out before the tours to ensure that the correct information was reported?

helenabear3 hours ago

Someone said they saw one at 32 which truthfully is bad too but likely it was a gun. After having a fridge die on me I trust old school thermometers more. You need full ambient temps with the door closed on it for a while. No way I would trust a temp gun for food spoilage. Sadly some are convinced it is safe. I'd rather share pics of actual thermometers in said coolers.

Disone4 hours ago

Yeah, if you point the temperature meter gun at the back wall of a beverage cooler, which is basically a thin layer of ice, of course it's going to say it's cold. The ice is cold. It doesn't mean the air in the beverage cooler. Is that cold.

helenabear4 hours ago

That's the issue with beverage coolers. When running great they can be below 40 per gun tests (though I prefer non digital fridge thermometers) but they sre rated for 41 degrees and above which is above the safe zone of 34-38 degrees. From guests reporting at Disney, most of the time they are not okay and food will spoil. This vlogger annoys me anyway usually lol I kept screaming in my head "In the bathroom you missed one!" 😁 some of the comments on his youtube channel pointed out tons of his mistakes and called him out for not researching before going.

peter114355 hours ago

I can’t imagine that there would be drainage issues that weren’t present before the refurb.

ToTBellHop6 hours ago

Apparently some of these rooms have major drainage issues during Florida rain. Big-time flooding. Oops.

nickys8 hours ago

Thanks for clarifying about the suites. I was confused when he said there were some in the building. He also missed a big picture in the studio of the park from Poppins Returns, I think it was in the bathroom too. He paused on it but didn’t comment. I assume he maybe hasn’t seen MPR.

BrianLo11 hours ago

I also want to state that it was kind of painful to watch. Tim really needs to do the slightest amount of research... Pointing out things was fine, but the info was frankly more incorrect than it was right. Anyways, I like the rooms and they will personally be my preference. I'm reading some conflicting information that the beverage cooler is actually fridge temperature after all? Edit: Yes, apparently they are actually fridge temperature.

helenabear12 hours ago

After about the 5th time I swear he said that it got to me. I thought he was wrong and the rooms were similar to Polynesian sizes. I caught that about the full beds too. I'm halfway through and struggling to watch.

Disone12 hours ago

Oh yeah. Good call!!! I forgot to mention that. He is wrong and that as well. He kept saying that they're smaller than the studios at the villas, but actually the villas are smaller than these rooms. He also questioned whether or not they're queen beds or perhaps they're just fulls. They are absolutely queen beds.

helenabear12 hours ago

I am not a resort staying person but weren't the resort rooms about 440sq ft? If so he's also wrong on studio sizes then. The deluxe studios are 374. I had a hard time watching him on this one. The points aren't cheaper as stated. I've seen layouts of the turret rooms. They moved the couch to the window. Someone I saw taoked about them. Said they were great, but asked to be moved since they lacked a balcony. Weirdly our kitchen was not built in like that but a stainless Haier brand.

Brian13 hours ago

It's hard to believe that they can do such a nice job with these rooms, yet completely botch the Contemporary room refurb.