Disney's Coronado Springs Resort reopens today - see what's open

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Disney's Coronado Springs reopens to guests today following the COVID-19 shutdown and subsequent hosting of the NBA bubble.

As with the other Walt Disney World resort hotels,  not everything is open. In particular, dining is restricted to just a few locations with the main food court and new table service Toledo remaining closed.



  • Barcelona Lounge
  • Dahlia Lounge
  • Rix Sports Bar & Grill
  • Siestas Cantina
  • Three Bridges Bar & Grill


  • Panchito’s Gifts and Sundries


  • Pools
  • Poolside Activities
  • Movies Under the Stars
  • La Vida Fitness Center
  • Destino Fitness Center
  • Volleyball Courts


Bus transportation is available from this Disney Resort hotel to the Disney theme parks and the Disney Springs area

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Article Posted: Oct 16, 2020 / 9:49am ET
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dreday313 hours ago

And there you have it. Problem solved!

MansionButler8413 hours ago

dreday314 hours ago

Yeah. Maybe you can get in a park? Or make a trip to another hotel with quick service? Bring a waffle maker? ;)

MM31114 hours ago

Thanks, obviously lazy searching on my part, because I completely missed that! So I guess Mickey Waffles are out of the question for this trip 🤪

dreday315 hours ago

The only other place is Barcelona Lounge and it has coffees, pastries and grab/go fruit, yogurt, juice, etc. You can also get some stuff for your room in Panchitos.

MM31115 hours ago

So we are staying at Gran Destino next week, I've never stayed at Coronado Springs before, but in looking around at what is open or not, I'm noticing that the only option for breakfast seems to be Rix Sports bar. Has anyone seen or heard of any other breakfast options at the resort since opening? I get that not everything will be open, just seems weird to not have some sort of quick service breakfast option...

Disone1 day ago

Not really. The NBA used third-party vendors to assist with moving furniture they did not want and putting furniture they did want. Because of the bubble the third shift venders were not allowed to do work inside the bubble regardless of the amount of teams that were left. This means that Disney really could not begin resetting the rooms until all the teams are gone. Which was fine, while certainly not at the rack rate the NBA technically bought the entire Resort regardless of the number of rooms actually used.

MisterPenguin7 days ago

OTOH, as teams that were knocked out of the tournament left, Disney had the opportunity to re-set those rooms until they only had to accommodate two teams for a week.

FuturePort837 days ago

I'm sure the hotel has a fair amount of work to do. Beds were removed from some rooms, Toledo was converted to a player lounge, some rooms were used as training rooms.

peter114357 days ago

Rix is third party though

Magic Feather7 days ago

It does appear that everything reopening is the Disney-owned restaurants minus Toledo.

dreday37 days ago

Wondering if the quick service isn't opening because it's owned by another restaurant group - maybe they haven't hired people back yet or are waiting for union stuff...who knows.

dreday37 days ago

This is what someone reported seeing on HUB (?): Dhalia Lounge opens at 4:30 until 10 or midnight, not sure Barcelona - opens morning only until 11 am I think? Probably not many people day drinking in the lobby to keep it open all day Three Bridges opens at 4:30 until 10 or midnight, not sure Rix Bar/Grill- I think breakfast hrs, lunch hrs and dinner, but I'm not sure of exact times Siestas - I don't know times

Magic Feather8 days ago

I saw the official list released somewhere. The answer appears to be all the bars and Three Bridges. I don't even think the Quick Service is opening at first.