Disney's Coronado Springs reopening pushed back a couple of days

17 days ago in "Disney's Coronado Springs Resort"

Disney has updated its resort reopening plans, nudging back Disney's Coronado Springs reopening by a couple of days.

Originally scheduled to reopen on October 14, it will now reopen on October 16 2020.

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Article Posted: Oct 12, 2020 / 6:14pm ET
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Texas846 days ago

Beach DVC is open. I stayed there Labor Day week.

Higginbotham5877 days ago

I just read this and had honestly forgotten Beach was closed. I was at Yacht for Columbus Day weekend. The resort and pool were just a shade shy of "packed" from my numerous other visits. Longer lines at the water slide than during our usual March trip, more people in the pool/lazy river. Hard to find a chair etc. What's funny is that you could not possibly have persuaded me Beach was closed based on this--except I knew it was. I did not walk through Beach or anything, but the Yacht lobby was jammed every day all the time. Just interesting to see how they can concentrate customers in one corner of a resort and effectively mothball the other corner and it is legitimately hard to tell. Same with Swan/Dolphin, which seemed packed when we went there for dinner (@ Todd English, which was also pretty full).

ParkerLoLs8 days ago

When is my beloved Port Orleans: French Quarter reopening? 2022?

dreday38 days ago

Let's hope a vaccine comes by end of year, it works, people can get it (and do), people start booking again, capacity restrictions can ease a bit and then more hotels open. :D

HauntedPirate8 days ago

That's a double-edged sword at this point. More people means longer lines because rides are still running at reduced capacity, and the parks (well, outside of Epcot and maybe AK) would then be feeling much more crowded. They are already feeling more crowded than they did 2 months ago.

JusticeDisney8 days ago

Here’s hoping that demand starts to really increase so that we can get all of the resorts opened up again!

JusticeDisney8 days ago

Makes sense. I am just wondering because we are in the strange position of having Beach Club reservations for next summer even though the property is actually closed at this time. Obviously, we made the reservations before the decision was made to indefinitely close the Beach Club, but the reservations are still valid and pending. Like I said, pretty weird situation. Anyway, I’m hoping that the Beach Club is reopened by the summer. Fingers crossed!!!

Magic Feather8 days ago

I’m under the impression that we won’t get anymore deluxe reopening until Polynesian next summer, unless there is an unexpected bump in demand for deluxes that can’t be filled by excess DVC inventory (especially since the DVC wings of those resorts are already open). I already said that values were what’s in demand, which is why we’re getting Movies. Moderates also have reasonably high demand, but by reopening the largest moderate, there is an excess of supply for that category. DVC’s forced reopening gave Disney a huge excess of Deluxe capacity.

wdwmagic8 days ago

Nothing yet, but anything is possible at the minute. I would expect decisions will be made based on how the latest discount offers go, and forecast demand.

JusticeDisney8 days ago

Anyone have a guess or hear anything as to when Beach Club and Boardwalk will reopen? Thanks in advance!

DisneyDreamer089 days ago

This is great news. I’ve been hearing so much about the morning back up at the Skyliner so I’m sure value lovers (like myself) will be happy to finally have another option. We stayed in Movies this past January and LOVED it!

dreday39 days ago

And there you have it. Problem solved!

MansionButler849 days ago