Newly refurbished Top of the World Lounge at Disney's Contemporary Resort will reopen July 8

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Posted: Thursday June 23, 2022 12:51pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has announced that Top of the World Lounge atop Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort will reopen mid-July 2022.

As part of Membership Magic, a special hard-ticket event, the "Bound to be Bad" Fireworks Party, will be held prior to the opening on July 8-10. Members will revel in the darker side of their favorite Disney stories during a food-and-drink-filled fireworks party inside the newly refreshed lounge. Hosted by villain super-fans deviously decked out in their "Disney-bounding" best, this Membership Magic event includes a sinister spread of ominous appetizers, an open bar of cunningly crafted cocktails, and a raven's-eye view of the "Disney Enchantment" nighttime spectacular at Magic Kingdom Park.

This hard-ticket event will only be offered to eligible Members who are staying on Walt Disney World Resort property, who will receive more information about the reopening and event.

The location will typically operate daily from 6pm to midnight.

To gain access to the lounge, eligible Members should provide their eligible digital Membership Card (found in My Disney Experience). Eligibility includes Members with direct purchase benefits indicated as Y on the back of the digital Membership Card as well as a resort reservation at any Disney Vacation Club resort, or Disney-owned-and-operated hotel, at Walt Disney World Resort (booked with Vacation Points or cash within their Membership)

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Beacon Joe3 days ago

I really don't get the villains theme or how it's supposed to make sense with the Contemporary. What am I missing here? All that said, if it were rethemed along the lines of this, which was in Diamonds are Forever:,onerror=redirect,width=1920,height=1920,fit=scale-down/ Or even this: I'd be down with it.

LuvtheGoof5 days ago

I really hope you aren't serious.

Club Cooloholic5 days ago

Absolutely, and we need sharks with freakin lazers on their head too!

LuvtheGoof5 days ago

And you think that a lounge should look like this????? I think they are looking at something a bit more sophisticated and low key.

LuvtheGoof5 days ago

Yes, I've been there many times. That picture only shows half the room. Nowhere near the entire space. I will admit that the backstory is a bit lame, but still waiting to see it in person in a few months before passing judgement.

Club Cooloholic5 days ago

Exactly right on both counts. When is the last time Disney surprised us and the theme in was BETTER than expected? And when they tell us there are renovations and the space is now a Villians Lair, it should look...well I don't know.....

Dan Deesnee5 days ago

If you've ever been there, that one picture pretty much shows you the entire indoor space where all of the theming should be... Pre-covid it didn't have this villains backstory. Imagine a friend invites you to a Hawaiian Luau party at their house. The invitation is all themed and uses words that invoke what is sure to be a great party. You arrive, no decorations, no Hawaiian inspired food, no pineapple-anything-anywhere. Just their house like it always looks with bbq'd hotdogs and burgers. See the problem now?

Doberge6 days ago

How many Disney touches did y'all really find in the space pre-covid? There was the nice monorail mural on the glass behind the wall, and that's about it. The space was still nice before but has always been tastefully appointed generic, just like the rest of Bay Lake Tower. It looks like they've done soft and hard goods refurbishments with some different tones than before, but pieces like the chandeliers remain. The space looks fine.

LuvtheGoof6 days ago

So you're basing this on a picture that doesn't even show the entire space? Typical around here. :(

aladdin20076 days ago

0 disney touches in the design, this could be anywhere. we really are losing the resort to genericness in everything they do now.

ToTBellHop6 days ago


Miami Blues6 days ago

Members? Members of what?

Doberge6 days ago

Agreed. Y'all would know better than me but I thought I heard that part of the Coronado Destino Tower addition was to shift more convention business there. Where it comes it comes from I'm unsure, but I'd think Yacht is safe as I'd imagine Disney won't cede to Swolphin potential conventions wanting to be near EPCOT.

helenabear6 days ago

It's been on the future docket before. I won't try to guess really what is doable or not. I will simply say never say never and conversion sales are popular vs RR