'Enchantment at the Top Dessert Party' coming to Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort

Nov 03, 2022 in "Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort"

Posted: Thursday November 3, 2022 9:43am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

A new $89 dessert party exclusively for Disney Vacation Club members starts November 18 2022, at Disney's Contemporary Resort.

Taking place at the Top of the World Lounge – A Villains Lair, The Enchantment at the Top Dessert Party features a dessert buffet, an assortment of adult beverage offerings (for Guests 21 and older), exclusive lounge access, and reserved fireworks viewing from the top of Bay Lake Tower.

The offering is available on Friday nights beginning November 18, 2022, with reservations accepted up to 60 days in advance. Check-in starts 1 hour 30 minutes prior to the published fireworks time for Magic Kingdom park.

Enchantment at the Top Dessert Party is $89.00 per adult, plus tax and $49.00 per child, plus tax.

Eligible Members with access to Membership Extras can book this special experience when using their Membership to stay at a Disney-owned-and-operated hotel at Walt Disney World Resort. Call Member Services at (800) 800-9800 to book. Reservations are available most Friday nights up to 60 days in advance.

As part of this experience, Members have access to a reserved table inside the lounge on the day of their reservation, a dessert buffet and an open bar for Guests 21 years of age and older.

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correcaminosNov 09, 2022

You can still go up to view for free. You can also go up and use said lounge every other day. Given how popular it's been, this is an easier way to manage crowds on a busy Friday night in the actual lounge. Given that people would take tables amd not buy anything I don't mind them doing this. The whole lounge is to make money and always has been. It has zero to do with perks outside of having access in the first place. Think of Club 33 and how it is run at DLR. You pay for access and pay for food outside of it. This is nothing new

nickysNov 09, 2022

It wasn’t though. It wasn’t “paying its way” which is why they’ve had a rethink. Otherwise Disney could just take it back and run their own events up there.

Chip ChippersonNov 09, 2022

Typically, DVC members can go up to the lounge (assuming it isn't already at capacity) to view the fireworks. Yes, you have to pay for the food and drinks, but there was never a need to pay for "preferred viewing areas" or anything like that - and you could eat and drink for much less than $89/person. So what I'm saying is that this offering is obviously meant to extract more money from members. The lounge seemed to be operating just fine before the pandemic without the need for upcharge events, so it would be nice if the extra profit from these events benefitted the members rather than Disney since members are the ones losing access to at least parts of the Lou ge and viewing areas.

correcaminosNov 09, 2022

Not sure I follow. The charges are to keep the lounge running. You are paying for food/drink/service and not a perk.

Chip ChippersonNov 09, 2022

I didn't mean to imply that dues pay for the lounge. I know that they sell drinks and food to keep the place running. I meant that if they're going to start charging for perks then the profits from those sold perks should at least benefit the members.

correcaminosNov 09, 2022

Yep, this is common misinformation that many repeat. It isn't paid by dues and never has been. We only go up when staying at BLT really and as a non drinker with an underage "adult" kid this doesn’t appeal at all at the moment. Wish they'd have non drinking adult prices for teens at least

LuvtheGoofNov 08, 2022

Nobody’s dues pay for the lounge. It has to be self sustaining.

Chip ChippersonNov 08, 2022

I'll be passing on this one. The views are great up there, but I'm not paying $89 for access to the lounge, a dessert buffet, and a few drinks. This "offering" might seem less insulting if the money it raked in went towards keeping our dues from increasing so much, but I just saw the thread with the proposed 2023 dues increases and they clearly aren't using the money for that so it just seems like a cash grab.

Chi84Nov 03, 2022

I didn't mean to suggest you would. I was thinking about me ;)

nickysNov 03, 2022

Over a few hours! I’m not suggesting I’d drink them all in 45 minutes. 😂

SirwalterraleighNov 03, 2022

Sand martinis would work 🍸

SirwalterraleighNov 03, 2022

…this is far more laughable than normal

Disstevefan1Nov 02, 2022

YaY! another hard ticket event! Sorry to the DVC owners who cannot access their TOTWL while this hard ticket event is happening..... unless you pay of course. ;)

DobergeNov 02, 2022

Financially it might make some sense to groups without children, otherwise paying +$49 for a kid to eat like a cupcake and a cookie and maybe parents think they need to drink more to make up for the value of kids. So it just doesn't make a lot of sense with kids and I don't think there are enough adults who will find value in multiple drinks priced +$15 each, at least not to a point anyone would be responsible after. I understand that with most of Disney that it is not worth straight value chasing but in most examples I can think of, like MK parties, there's not a direct substitute. Here, people can go the night before or after and have most of the same experience, minus the treat buffet, for less money.