Reservations now available for mini golf courses at Winter Summerland and Fantasia Gardens

Jun 13, 2019 in "Winter Summerland Mini Golf"

Posted: Thursday June 13, 2019 8:27am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The mini-golf courses at Walt Disney World are now available for advance reservations.

Both Winter Summerland and Fantasia Gardens are available to book, and are available through the usual Walt Disney World recreation booking number 407-WDW-PLAY.

Walk-ups will continue to be available as normal.

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wendysueFeb 28, 2020

This is crazy! We don't go there any longer. Always had to wait an hour for the bus when it was time to leave. :(

DisneysonFeb 28, 2020

I really enjoy the courses. There are imagineering effects, like Chernabog scaring the πŸ’© out of you if you get a hole in one inside a tunnel, Brooms with buckets that spew water if you putt correctly, and spinning statues of hippos and topiary ostriches. Should everything be working well. It has a very old Disney, DisneyQuest sorta vibe, like it would be so cutting edge if they kept up with effects. I sorta wish they converted the effects in the course to a boat ride in MK, Studios, or AK. It would be pretty, short, cute, and a solid non-E. As for the reservations.... I’d rather they cut staff than maintenance.

bugmenotpleaseFeb 28, 2020

Good to know, thank you Runnin'Gator.

Rista1313Aug 31, 2019

That's important insight, thank you!

Runnin'GatorAug 31, 2019

There are two courses at Fantasia Gardens. The Fairways course is a par-72, and it really is that hard... think an actual golf course scaled way down. It'll take anywhere between an hour-and-a-half and two hours to play depending on how many people are in your party and if there's anyone in front of you. The Gardens course is more of the "tacky" variety. It's themed to Fantasia and tends to be a little more crowded than the Fairways. My family prefers the Fairways, but if you're not into breaking golf clubs and quitting in the middle of your round, you probably want to go Gardens.

Rista1313Aug 31, 2019

I thought Mini golf was suppose to be tacky? LOL

ChrisFLAug 31, 2019

I definitely prefer the "easy" course at Fantasia Gardens. They have a difficult course there too that isn't as much fun IMO. I did Winter/Summerland once and it was a bit more tacky feeling than Fantasia Gardens.

The Mighty TimAug 31, 2019

I've done all the courses in the past. The two Winter Summerland courses are almost identical; the difference being one is beach themed, the other is snow themed. As for Fantasia Gardens, that's quite a nice course and I think I prefer that one. But all the courses are pretty good. I should point out though that the last time I went to Fantasia Gardens was quite some time ago, so it may have changed.

hauntologyAug 31, 2019

I wonder if the amount of disney parks social media accounts that show the little "secrets" of WDW in particular because of its size/things to do across the hotels has made them want to make this more exclusive than it ever really was. :( i've never even done either mini golf course.

Rista1313Aug 30, 2019

I'm still trying to decided which one to go to... Everyone on this thread seems to have an opinion on reservations, but not an opinion on which place they like best!

Dave BAug 30, 2019

Reservations are just an option, you can be spontaneous at anytime during your trip

po1998Aug 30, 2019

When will I be able to get a reservation for my resort food court, also, a reservation for the resort gift shop, and a reservation for the resort lobby bathrooms? Spontaneity at WDW is dying a slow death. :(

Rista1313Aug 30, 2019

Sort of off topic... but plan on trying to make this "reservation" and never having done any of those courses, I'm wondering which people prefer, and why?

SamandplanningUKJun 17, 2019

IDON 't know about anyone else but we always end up playing mini golf when the parks have got too crowded/too hot or we've got some free time and its a last minute decision. I don't think we'd ever actually pre-book....