The Walt Disney Company appoints Media and Technology Executive Carolyn Everson to its board of directors

Sep 30, 2022 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Friday September 30, 2022 4:46pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Walt Disney Company today announced that Carolyn Everson, a veteran media and technology executive, will join its Board of Directors, effective November 21.

Ms. Everson, 50, will be included in the Company’s slate of director nominees in the proxy statement for Disney’s 2023 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Disney has expanded its board to 12 members to accommodate Carolyn Everyone.

“We are thrilled to welcome Carolyn Everson to the Disney Board,” said Susan Arnold, Chairman of the Board, The Walt Disney Company. “Carolyn’s extensive background, including roles at a number of high-profile, complex global companies, brings a welcome and invaluable perspective as we continue to focus on expanding our brand and global reach.”

“With nearly three decades of experience in senior operating roles at dynamic consumer-facing organizations, Carolyn is a well-respected leader who will bring unique and valuable perspective to our Board,” said Bob Chapek, Chief Executive Officer, The Walt Disney Company. “Carolyn has had a hand in building a number of world-class digital advertising businesses, and her insights make her a great fit as we continue to position the company for long-term growth.”

Mr. Chapek added, “We have a productive and collegial relationship with Third Point, with whom we share a deep commitment to continue building on Disney’s many successes and increasing shareholder value.”

“We are pleased with our productive and ongoing dialogue with Bob and Disney’s management team,” said Daniel S. Loeb, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, Third Point. “The expansion of Disney’s Board of Directors to include Carolyn Everson will add an important new perspective to an already accomplished group.”

“I am incredibly excited and honored to join The Walt Disney Company’s Board and work alongside the outstanding directors and extraordinarily talented management team,” said Ms. Everson. “Disney is a beloved brand with an incredible history that brings joy to millions of consumers around the world and one that has meant so much to me and my family over the years. I am fully committed to helping progress Disney’s strategic priorities at an exciting time for the business and industry at large.”

Carolyn Everson Background

Ms. Everson most recently served as President of Instacart. Prior to that role, she was Vice President of the Global Business Group at Facebook, now known as Meta, where she led the global marketing solutions team focused on top strategic accounts and global agencies, as well as media strategy, advertising sales, and account management from 2011-2021.

She has held additional senior leadership roles in media and technology, including as Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Global Advertising Sales and Trade Marketing Teams, and as Chief Operating Officer at Viacom. Prior to Viacom, Ms. Everson worked at Primedia, Walt Disney Imagineering and Accenture Consulting.

Ms. Everson serves on the boards of The Coca-Cola Company, Creative Artists Agency, Villanova University, the Humane Society of the United States and Columbia Medical School. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Villanova University and has a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard Business School.

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mdcprOct 03, 2022

You can laugh all you want. I know what I'm talking about.

LilofanOct 03, 2022

What's that new hire evaluation - 90 day probation 😏

mdcprOct 03, 2022

Which is the dream for most Sr. Executives.

mdcprOct 03, 2022

Contract is up?

mdcprOct 03, 2022

I do happen to know the expense of onboarding a new senior executive leader, and the contracts aligned to it, and the golden parachute of a good payout when things don't work out. ;)

TP2000Oct 02, 2022

Her head shot does look rather... glowy. Like she's actually an angel living amongst us, secretly inspiring us to do good works and steering corporate boards to the light. Or something. Really? That's weird. I wonder what happened at Instacart to turn her around 180 degrees and out the door so fast? That kind of stuff is always... weird. There's a story there. Do you know the expense and energy it requires for a private company to seek out and onboard a new senior executive leader? Much less a new corporate President? And the applicant spends a similar amount of time and resources researching the company before they take the job. A new corporate President doesn't just leave after 3 months to "take a break". Either something was very wrong within Instacart, or something was very wrong with Ms. Everson. Or, a combination of both of those things. Regardless, it's weird that she would do that. But at least her corporate head shot makes her look glowy.👼

LilofanOct 02, 2022

3 months into new job then resigning ? Time to spend time with family is a favorite reason. Why waste Instacart time and money to take the top job and three months later leave a take a break? Fantasy speculation.

lazyboy97oOct 02, 2022

She’s also on multiple boards of directors.

mdcprOct 02, 2022

Maybe 'jobless' was her taking a break. A former FB VP with a Harvard MBA probably can afford to take breaks between jobs and more risks.

LilofanOct 01, 2022

She's currently jobless. After being an exec at Facebook , she became President of Instacart only to resign three months later.

WondersOfLifeOct 01, 2022

She kinda looks like the creepy animatronic guy from the Tomorrowland film...