Disney's partially completed cruise ship purchase was reportedly acquired at a bargain price

Nov 30, 2022 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Wednesday November 30, 2022 8:12pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Further details are now surfacing around Disney's recent acquisition of a partially completed ship to join the Disney Cruise Line Fleet.

Disney announced in mid-November 2022 that it had purchased the ship previously known as the Global Dream in Wismar, Germany.

According to a report by capital.de, Disney purchased the "Global Dream" at a hugely discounted price of just 40 million Euro ($41 million). The original price was closer to 1.8 billion Euro, and the ship is 75% complete.

The report also says that Disney will assume all risk with the conversion of the ship, and will have no warranty claims on the ship. Disney is expected to spend just under 1 billion Euros to finish the ship which is expected to set sail in 2025.

Disney has said that the new ship will be based outside the United States and will travel to new global destinations.

“Our cruise ships give us the unique opportunity to bring Disney magic to fans no matter where they are, and the addition of this ship will make a Disney Cruise Line vacation accessible to more families than ever before,” said Josh D’Amaro, chairman, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products.

You can read more about the new ship here.

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DCBaker21 days ago

jmeNov 13, 2023

ABD Tour guided excursions, and tour before or after the cruise I suppose... But mostly I was kidding since their names are so similar

cjkeatingOct 31, 2023

A package including what?

jmeOct 24, 2023

Do you think Adventures by Disney will offer a package that includes the Disney Adventure?

ToTBellHopSep 11, 2023

Why not Wish’s original name? The fireworks show they gave its name to is gone forever. So Enchantment is an option. Imagine has also been floated.

cjkeatingSep 11, 2023

Well that's unfortuante, it must have been on the shortlist if it was chosen for GD2. And Adventure works much better for what has been announced for the Treasure. Care to drop any hints for the final ship?

GimpYancIentSep 10, 2023

This is interesting, per Cruise Industry News: "Disney has announced the acquisition of a partially completed cruise ship as it has come to terms to acquire the unfinished 6,000-guest Global Dream that is sitting at MV Werften. Disney will now work with Meyer Werft to complete the cruise ship in Wismar, Germany. The ship will be renamed and is expected to set sail in 2025 and will be fueled by green methanol. Disney said it was able secure the ship at a favorable price and within the capital expenditure guidance."

peter11435Sep 10, 2023

No. The the treasure was the treasure before Disney even acquired the Global Dream.

cjkeatingSep 10, 2023

I honestly think the Treasure was meant to be called Adventure. But then the Global Dream 2 came along.

CastAStoneSep 09, 2023

Carnival Dream Carnival Fantasy Carnival Magic Wonder of the Seas Adventure of the Seas Fits the pattern better than the other new ships.

KeithVHSep 09, 2023

No, but it is "out there" . . .

Andrew CSep 09, 2023

Will the theme of this one be treasure? That would be hilarious.

DCBakerSep 09, 2023

Disney Adventure is the name of the new ship.

AbsimilliardMar 29, 2023

Interesting choice to base the ship in Singapore. You have enough people in a 4-5 hours flight range to keep the ship booked most of the time and they can afford to. The lack of a casino will appeal to the muslim guests from Malaysia, south Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei that can easily reach Singapore and that's a good selling point. Disney will have to provide halal meals for them in a large quantity though, so they can't just copy and paste what they do on the other ships.