Hong Kong Disneyland to close again due to rising COVID-19 cases

Nov 30, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday November 30, 2020 12:07pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Hong Kong Disneyland has announced that it will close again on December 2 2020 due to rising cases of COVID-19 in the region.

The region reported 115 new COVID-19 cases Sunday, which has been enough for the local government to take action. In contrast, Florida reported over 7000 new cases on the same day. No reopening date is yet available.

The resort originally reopened to guests on June 18, and was the second Disney resort reopening following Shanghai. The park then closed again in mid-July as part of an effort to contain rising COVID-19 cases.

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Supersnow84Jun 05, 2023

LegCo in the most recent update seemed to be hinting they would like Disney to do something of that nature when they rip down the quarantine centre very soon Up until arendelle it just really wasn’t worth it because the resort wasn’t worth staying a whole day for for an average person

marni1971Jun 04, 2023

I imagine if they thought it would work / make enough they would. Even as a phased development.

SweetDuffy101Jun 04, 2023

Genuine question is why Hongkong Disneyland doesn't have a shopping district at this point, Literally every castle park has one.

MovieloverJun 02, 2023

Sorry to bump a old thread like this, but Google Maps updated their satellite image of The Hong Kong Resort... I guess the upside is when it's no longer a super depressing and scary quarantine facility the resort will have a massive increase in hotel rooms...,

HKDLerJan 14, 2022

So the 2-week closure is extended for another two weeks (till Feb 3) with plans to bring forward the vaccine mandate to Feb 4.

Married5TimesJan 13, 2022

Planed out to Hong Kong from San Fran just to see that park. 3 years later did again but from Thailand. And yet a 3rd time out of East Coast USA. When will I learn that it just ain't worth it. The park itself has some standout pathetic features and these closures seem par for the course considering the heavy hand and long arm of Beijing has taken over.

IanDLBZFJan 11, 2022

Yes it is. And sadly the conditions there are godawful.

RobbiemJan 11, 2022

Does anyone know if the former second gate site is still being used as a covid quarantine facility?

HKDLerJan 06, 2022

Before the forced closure, the government also announced a vaccine mandate for scheduled premises including theme parks beginning from Feb 24. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-01-04/hong-kong-to-widen-vaccine-mandate-feb-24-says-lam Right now there are only a few Omicron cases in HK and though I don’t agree with the ‘zero-covid’ strategy, I understand this preventive decision as the healthcare system is already way overloaded even before covid.

Vegas Disney FanJan 06, 2022

Had they not just invested a billion dollars into upgrades and an expansion I’m not sure it would have survived. With all the money they just invested into it it must be safe for now though.

BasiltheBatLordJan 06, 2022

I’m really worried about the future of this park.

RobbiemJan 05, 2022

Lets hope the cast and everyone else stays safe

MisterPenguinJan 05, 2022

We can only hope that, as with previous waves, the wave only lasts two months as it burns through the population.

Slpy3270Jan 05, 2022

Hong Kong Disneyland closing for at least two weeks to combat Omnicron surge. Let's be real, though: it's going to be months, if not a whole year, especially if Shanghai, Tokyo and Paris all close as well. The variant is too transmissible for any measure save a total lockdown to work.