European Union will not allow travelers from the U.S. when borders open July 1

Jun 30, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

The European Union will reopen its borders on July 1, but will exclude travelers from the United States.

Member countries of the E.U. will open their borders tomorrow, which have mostly been closed since COVID-19 hit in mid-March.

The following 15 countries have been designated as safe and will be admitted: Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay.

To determine the list, the E.U. looked at cases per 100,000, testing capabilities, contract tracing and social distancing. The U.S. is seeing almost 10 times the number of cases per 100,000 people compared to Europe.

Restrictions will be evaluated every two weeks.

The United Kingdom, which is no longer part of the E.U., continues to allow travelers from the U.S. - but imposes a 14 day quarantine period on arrival.

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Article Posted: Jun 30, 2020 / 12:55pm ET
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FeelsSoGoodToBeBad4 hours ago

Hello again from Region 4! I cannot WAIT for my region to stay below 8% positivity, but the real issue is getting the hospital bed availability to maintain.

Sirwalterraleigh4 hours ago

I interpret this the same way... Vaccines aside...we could see a very large - highly inconvenient for the important things (park hoping, fastpasses, parades, dessert parties) - spike in case in the extra couple of months with variants. The incoming government knows...which is why they are quietly pleading to just rip the bandaid off on the vaccines - just get it done for chrissakes...which means the obstructors Are lining up again... We’re gonna hear a lot of the “tired” stuff... closings...bad economy numbers.

hopemax4 hours ago

Really, you don't remember March 2020? When every other post here was, "Oh, so THAT's what I had in November 2019, December 2019, January 2019." When every other poster was convinced that when the serology results came in that we would see that a lot of people already had this coronavirus and so those of us that were saying this was going to be a thing, and a big thing were...same as now: ruining everyone's good vibes. That's why I am getting from several recent posts. People are looking at December and January's horrible numbers and looking at the UK variant and thinking THAT'S why it got so bad, as if it's already baked into our numbers, and they're dropping so we're good. And I am saying the same thing as I said back then... we are too early in the cycle for the variant to be *driving* the level of infection. And that is NOT the same as saying it's not here. Of course, it is here, but it takes a certain number of cycles of transmission to really kick into gear and start dominating the numbers. Experts say in the US, the variant is responsible for only 1% of our recent case load. That's all. I was going to post the math earlier, but I didn't think anyone would care, or convince anyone of anything they didn't want to think about, but whatever. And these are not *my* numbers, but written about and described by the experts based on the math. The UK variant has taken thing from R=1.1 to R=1.5, and I'm betting most people don't think that that small .4 change is that big of a deal. But this is what it means: Old, regular COVID, starting with 1000 infections, will translate to 2,593 new infections after 10 cycles. UK variant, starting with 1000 infections, will translate to 57,665 new infections after 10 cycles. Doctors and experts tend to notice those kind of jumps. Cases have been bad, but they haven't accelerated THAT bad. Nov/Dec/Jan was mostly holiday-driven, American hubris, regular COVID with a cherry chaser of UK variant. The situation improved when the pressure "to gather" eased. And really, the only explanation you can think of for me bringing up precautions, when it wasn't in your post, was that it had something to do with your post? I brought it up as a predictor for what I think will happen over the next 3 month, based on what Americans did over the last several months, as to why I am not more short-term optimistic. It had nothing to do with you. So my predictions: infections: We have one more surge to get through, when UK variant becomes dominant (experts predict end Feb/beginning of March) behavior modifications to slow spread: resistance high vaccinations: too late for the millions of people in phase 2/3 to avoid illness from this surge (just because phase 1 folks, don't die, doesn't mean hospitalizations and long-COVID complications cease to matter) herd immunity: eventually, but irrelevant to the discussion for predicting what will happen in the next 3 months. Your "disagreement" with me about vaccines vs virus is overlooking that we are talking about completely different timelines. Once again, I am speaking to the next 3 months, only. So don't try to paint me as someone who lacks faith in a long term, positive outcome. I know the IHME analysis says the US has peaked, but they also said their model does not include predictions of ANY of the variants. So it's more this wave has peaked. Last April's peak didn't mean it was over, last summer's peak didn't mean it was over, etc.

Sirwalterraleigh6 hours ago

I looked that up in my mixology book... It’s called the “Disgraced Con Man” And you can do it frozen too 🍹

Shouldigo126 hours ago

Throw a little bleach in that drink and you're golden.

Sirwalterraleigh6 hours ago

...what about if you mix it with hydroxychloriquine on the rocks?

danlb_20006 hours ago

Even better when you consider that at least one, if not both, are 100% effective in preventing death from the virus based on the study outcome.

Sirwalterraleigh7 hours ago

Call your senator... I’m talking toomey...not Bob

Sirwalterraleigh7 hours ago

Only the “wrong all the time losers” aren’t listening... But they’re wrong all the time...and they lost. That still is so uplifting 👏😎🇺🇸

Sirwalterraleigh7 hours ago

And if that were the does this violate you personally? Pressure is really on to make this happen now. First: no longer an excuse in the US except the losers like rick scott Second, the variants make vaccinations way more of a necessity now or we’ll torpedo the whole year. Time to throttle down. You really sound like a’s sad that this gives you e-jollies

GoofGoof7 hours ago

Technically he was not wrong. The vaccines aren’t 98%+ effective ;) The efficacy of those vaccines is nothing short of a modern scientific we just need to get them into people’s arms.

DisneyDebRob7 hours ago

Not looking on the gloomy side here. Every day is more positive then the last day with vaccines on the way. It’s great that science was better then he predicted. Doesn’t make him wrong, was just his observation. He’s been doing it for over 50 years and I would bet with the things he has opinions on, he is on the upper end of usually right. With credentials like these in that link, I’m listening and learning from him.

Patcheslee7 hours ago

Our school sent out letters back in October due to parents keeping their kids home if anyone in the house was pending a test result. Unless it's a confirmed case they are to attend as normal, they can't do virtual learning the days they are assigned to be in the classroom and will be marked absent. Buses they just quarantine everyone who rides it. No assigned seats. They don't require testing or quarantine if a kid shows symptoms to return to school, just 72 hours without symptoms. BUT if a kid is pending test results they have to wait for the results to return. They've pretty much reverted to elementary practice for 6th grade here. Once they get to school each bus has an assigned reporting area or breakfast area each kid has to sit on a 6ft from each other until released by rows to report straight to homeroom. From homeroom the teacher has to dismiss kids individually to go to lockers and get everything for the first 4 classes. Each passing period they have to walk single file on the right hand side of the hallway with teachers. Lunch they have to line up again and be walked to the lunch room and have assigned seats all facing forward. After they're done eating the kids are dismissed individually again to throw away trash and report to their next class. From that class the teacher walks them to recess where they can stand and talk, no contact sports, playground off limits. The same with the rest of the day, most their movements are controlled much more strict than 6th grade normally would be here. No restroom use during passing periods, need to use restroom have to get on chromebook and request a virtual pass, same with fountains. There are 4 hallways and kids are not allowed in any they aren't assigned to. End of the day bus she goes to girls club and all the girls in her grade stay in the same "pod" for activities. There's only 5 of them so easy to keep together. Honestly I don't see how DD is handling the structure, but she didn't know the normal "you're in middle school, here's your schedule, locker combination, restrooms are here and here, don't be late to class" intro I had. It can't be too horrible if she admitted to hugging the school building when they came back from winter break though lol

GoofGoof8 hours ago

The US National 7 day average for vaccine doses is now officially over 1M doses. 1.3M doses today...first weekend day over 1M and 4 straight days over 1.3M. Keep em coming.