Disney is hiring 1000 full and part time workers for roles across the Walt Disney World parks and resorts

Jun 30, 2014 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday June 30, 2014 4:01pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is looking to hire 1000 part-time and full-time workers in a recruitment drive to fill new positions created by recent expansions to the Magic Kingdom and elsewhere at the Walt Disney World Resort.

In particular, candidates are encouraged to apply for roles such as parking attendants, reservation sales agents, bus drivers, housekeepers, quick service food and beverage positions and more.

Walt Disney World is the largest single-site employer in the United States, employing nearly 70,000 cast members across 3000 different job classifications.

For more information about positions at Walt Disney World Resort, including full role descriptions or to apply online, visit www.WaltDisneyWorld.jobs.

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DuckbergJul 03, 2014

Older CM's retiring & MORE part time only CM's sounds plausible! ;)

JahonaJul 03, 2014

noticed they were offering 10.50 for photopass photographer. I can understand an amateur for that price but the requirements and skills they were looking for were for a professional. Double that price for that qualification. Maybe this is why the last time I was at WDW I had to show the photopass girl at Epcot how to use her camera properly in the lowering light of dusk.

NMBC1993Jul 03, 2014

First of all I was not the one looking for that position, I learned to get out of that horrible line of work years ago. Second of all your missing the point, my friend was not looking to get into some kind of management role (notice that all you talk about is "moving up in the company"). All my friend was looking for was a transfer out of attractions because of the FP+ chaos that is not even needed at their position, into a convention role (not a management convention role mind you). The problem I have with the hiring system is for the exact reason you bring up. Why should an employee (with an outstanding record of 11 years) have to rub shoulders with the entire management team, just to get a simple transfer into something that isn't the same old positions (Attractions, F&B, Merchandise, etc.). Shouldn't the record speak for itself? Mind you, my friend was just as happy at their previous attractions position before FP+ and was not interested in any promotions anyway because they worked other jobs as well. But when the time comes for an employee to want to branch out? Well apparently they have to pull a Monica Lewinsky on the higher ups before anyone even looks at you. I know that's how the business world works, but it's sad when someone is considered a number rather than a person. When I did work for the company I always got the feeling that certain managers had no idea how to do their job, I guess it makes sense how they got that position now :) My point to all this is, it's all fine and dandy when management comes to YOU with an employment opportunity but when it's the other way around "Well uh, we'll see what we can do...now get back to work!".

BigThunderMattJul 03, 2014

Permanent management or a TA salaried role? Disney is notorious for hiring way more people than they need and placing them into talent pools, offering them TA (read, temporary test drive) "opportunities" that rarely ever lead to permanent placement. It's an archaic, antiquated system that solely benefits the company and prevents those individuals who are in such situations from making any important life decisions due to not knowing what their income will be like six months down the road. Because that's the best part, once that TA is over if they have nothing for you, you go right back to where you were. Making $20k a year to start, up to making $40k a year, back to making to $20k a year. And they will never let on that you're getting picked up for something, until you're picked up for something.

JohnJul 03, 2014

LOL....look at you getting all political.....HAHA!

BigTxEarsJul 02, 2014

I do, but I need to do it more I guess :)

seascapeJul 02, 2014

That is why we have to all let both Universal and Disney know who provided great service. We are on vacation and want it so we have to do our part too. Always say thank you and try to be reasonable in your requests.

Tigger1988Jul 02, 2014

Same. I've had friends who did the CP who later moved up into non-park jobs within 1 - 2 years. It's up to you to make the connections, not wait for them to come to you.

BigTxEarsJul 02, 2014

Oh no doubt, I deal with CS at work. I would guess it's 20 to 1 in favor of bad CS being reported vs good CS being reported. I think we are all guilty of it to a degree.

seascapeJul 02, 2014

Hard work and good customer service is what we all want. I make a point of looking for it and letting Disney know who was helpful. We all need to say thank you and recognize good service.

BigTxEarsJul 02, 2014

Well the ability to positively interact with others in an important trait in management anywhere. Managers manager people, so it a mandatory trait to have in that position. I would still think hard work would help :)

Tom MorrowJul 02, 2014

People who are naturally good at getting people to like you can move up easily at Disney. But hard work and experience alone will do zilch for you.

BigTxEarsJul 02, 2014

Same as my company, it is all there if you want it.

BigTxEarsJul 02, 2014

No doubt, I was just commenting that is not just an Disney issue :)