Disneyland Paris to close as France begins a second COVID-19 shutdown

25 days ago in "The Walt Disney Company"

Disneyland Paris will close again as the French government orders a lockdown to contain a recent surge of COVID-19.

In line with latest direction from the French authorities, Disneyland Paris will be closing end of day on October 29th. In anticipation of celebrating the Christmas holiday season we will be taking reservations from December 19 – January 3 and hope to be open based on prevailing conditions and government guidance at that time. Disneyland Paris will be closed from January 4 through February 12

Disneyland Paris reopened from the original COVID-19 shutdown on July 15 2020 at the same time as Walt Disney World.

The phased reopening began with Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park, Disney’s Newport Bay Club hotel, and Disney Village.

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Article Posted: Oct 29, 2020 / 8:47am ET
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britain16 days ago

Not sure where to put this, but I figured this was the best spot. Terrific video, @marni1971 ! And nice to see Mrs. Martin!

Robbiem24 days ago

I wonder what they will do about Christmas decorations? I guess they won’t do anything until they know about opening or not but will it be full on or scaled back?

Robbiem25 days ago

thanks glad to know the cast are hopefully ok for the time being at least

stevebwv25 days ago

If they only had a national plan to address COVID and a national mask mandate they would have avoided this fate.

wdrive25 days ago

It shouldn’t. French furlough is already planned to run way into next year. As far as I know cast training should also not be an issue if they didn’t open for Christmas.

Robbiem25 days ago

Think this is for the best. with cases rising in Europe I don’t see DLP being on many peoples lists of things to do right now. I’m surprised at the length of the closure and the Christmas opening if it happens, this appears to be driven far more by the economics of the resort than it does by the safety. Does anyone know if the chr reopening has any staffing impacts regarding training or furlough?

montydysquith-navarro25 days ago

Here's the official announcement from DLP:

montydysquith-navarro26 days ago

That is one long closure. Ready your Valentine's Day outfits!

Markiewong26 days ago

I fully expect Disney wants to be open for christmas holidays. If the government allows it, they will 99% sure do it.

wdrive26 days ago

You don’t know that

DeliriousOwl26 days ago

4 weeks at least for french shutdown. But DLP's closure is probably going to last 2/3 months at least.

ParkerLoLs26 days ago


fradz26 days ago

Official, closed as of Friday for 4 weeks.

DeliriousOwl26 days ago

French president is going to make some announcements in less than 4 hours. Unfortunately, a closure is very likely.