Walt Disney World leadership reshuffle sees changes at the top of three of the parks

Jan 29, 2021 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Disney has reshuffled the leaders at the Walt Disney World theme parks which sees new Vice Presidents at three of the theme parks.

Current Magic Kingdom Vice President Jason Kirk is being promoted to Senior Vice President Operations, a similar role to that currently occupied by Jim MacPhee who is set to retire in April after 42 years with the company.

Current EPCOT VP Melissa Valiquette is moving from EPCOT to take over from Jason Kirk at Magic Kingdom.

Sarah Riles, currently Vice President, Optimization & Business Transformation at Walt Disney World, takes over from the retiring Djuan Rivers at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Sarah has been with the company for more than 20 years in a number of operations and engineering roles.

Which leaves EPCOT with an open position as of now for its Vice President.

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Article Posted: Jan 29, 2021 / 2:35pm ET
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Movielover30 days ago

@marni1971 Walking into Imagineering after being elected Epcot VP. Colorized

matt911230 days ago

Pretty sure martin knows he wouldn't get the budget or authority to fix the place...who wants to jump on a sword?

Mr Mindcrime30 days ago

An interesting pipe dream to be sure. In good times (i.e. pre-COVID) the parks contribute too much to the bottom line for Disney to spin this off. As it is, Parks are only about 25% of total revenue so for the right price, it could be done while still leaving DIS as a large, profitable media and entertainment company. But I don't see it happening. On the other side, the parks and resorts are capital intensive. As a stand-alone entity, the ability to get adequate access to capital markets without media and entertainment as support, might make obtaining growth capital a lot more of a challenge. To be sure, having Parks be a stand-alone entity where the only focus is growing and improving the Park and Resort experience, would be a dream come true for the hard-core Disney fan, but I'd think it be a case of "careful what you wish for". Yes, the Park Plans would be exciting but could they actually pay for them and then could they actually make money (don't dismiss capacity issues). Not to mention that in reality, the parks and resorts (again, pre-COVID) were crowded (and profitable) beyond belief WITHOUT having to invest in the way that the hardcore fan dreams about. In other words....you keep going and accepting less and paying more...and the Bob's will be happy to oblige.

TrainChasers30 days ago

To be fair... all of the full time CM Epcot entertainers still have jobs. Unlike the other 3 parks. It’s pretty impressive that the Voices, Mariachi, Jammitors, and Carol the piano player all have jobs.

"El Scorpion"30 days ago

I start a week from Monday. But I just said that to get the job. I'll keep a few of them open. But they have to be strategic. I might open a new one or two for aesthetics but the beer carts go into prohibition. Into the waste bin of history. And "drinking teams" are banned. I'm all for enjoying an alcoholic beverage or three. But speed drinking should be discouraged. The Africa pavilion is gone too (or whatever the heck that is). Putting a bar there. It's called the Adventurer's Club. Right between China and Germany. I think it'd fit nicely. Kungaloosh!

Obobru30 days ago

Ok so how long after posting this odd take Disney's hiring dept to make you an offer, can't have been too long as this sounds like the perfect pitch for the job.

HauntedPirate30 days ago

What “magic” do you think she’s worked at Epcot in her tenure?

HauntedPirate30 days ago


nickys30 days ago

I hope so.

Magicart8730 days ago

Sort of like "I dream of Jeannie" but with more up and down head movement. Poof: Another barge! POOF... more IP!

Magicart8730 days ago

I wish the Parks part of the Disney company would spinoff to be their own entity, with a dedicated CEO and company stock. Then MAYBE things would change. This reshuffle isn't anything but a game of corporate musical chairs that strategically puts new people in areas they don't belong to further control them. I'm so tired of all the "Yes people" within this company. Real change isn't going to happen anytime soon.

solidyne30 days ago

Sarcasm, probably?

nickys30 days ago

What like axe nearly all the entertainment? What exactly are you referring to by “work her magic”?

marni197130 days ago

I fear for the MK then.