Amazon and Disney Introduce ‘Hey, Disney!’ Voice Assistant to use at Home and at the Walt Disney World Resort

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Posted: Tuesday September 28, 2021 4:12pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Amazon and Disney have today announced ‘Hey, Disney!’, a new kind of voice assistant that will work alongside Alexa at home and across Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms.

‘Hey, Disney!’ is expected to arrive in 2022 and will let fans and guests interact with some of their most beloved Disney characters, simply by saying “Hey, Disney!” on supported Echo devices at home and at Disney Resort hotels.

Pricing is to be announced, and ‘Hey, Disney!’ will be available for purchase in the U.S. in the Alexa Skills Store for use on all supported Echo devices.

“We’re bringing the worlds of Disney directly to Echo devices with ‘Hey, Disney!’,” said Dave Limp, Senior Vice President, Amazon Devices and Services. “By combining the strength of Alexa’s technology, with Disney’s unmatched storytelling expertise, we’re creating the next generation of immersive experiences to make guests’ vacations more memorable and giving our customers a way to make their homes a bit more magical too.”

“Our focus is to bring Disney storytelling to our guests wherever they are,” said Josh D’Amaro, Chairman, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products. “Through Alexa technology, ‘Hey, Disney!’ will unlock new ways for guests to engage with our iconic characters and stories both at home as well as at our Walt Disney World Resort hotels.”

‘Hey, Disney!’ and Alexa will be available in Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms as part of an upcoming integration using Amazon’s Alexa for Hospitality service. ‘Hey, Disney!’ and Alexa will work side-by-side to simplify your stay by answering questions, fulfilling special requests, and more. You can ask ‘Hey, Disney!’ for more blankets and towels, the fastest way to get to the park in the morning, and where to get your favorite food. With Alexa, you can hear the news, ask for sports scores, play music, and more.

The ‘Hey, Disney!’ voice assistant was developed from the ground up by Disney, featuring original character voice recordings and audio, with over 1,000 magical interactions to discover, as well as a brand-new character created as a guide—the Disney Magical Companion. ‘Hey, Disney!’ will mark the first time an Alexa Custom Assistant will be available on Echo devices. Alexa Custom Assistant is a comprehensive solution that made it easy for Disney to create their own custom voice assistant tailored to Disney’s personality and customer needs, built on Alexa technology. Alexa Custom Assistants have unique wake words, voices, personalities, and capabilities, and can coexist and cooperate with Alexa.

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TheGuyThatMakesSwords20 days ago

This is going to go over well, in the Honeymoon Suites 😅 😅 😅. Suggesting that folks start to carry DUCK tape, and 2" foam 😅 😅. We are headed toward "Mickey's amazing 1984 Hotel spy device Treasure Hunt".

Nottamus20 days ago

Hey Disney, play Iron Maiden “sure! Here’s goofy and pals with Run To The Hills” ……..

matt911220 days ago

Or a third type....a technology centric person that ALSO isnt a huge fan of how ambiguous some of it is. I have a few echos myself but im also not a big fan of all the things they could be doing. In a hotel setting i dont see a big deal granted opting out should be available.

mgf20 days ago


lewisc20 days ago

Some of us think a change from opt out to opt in will get buried in 50 pages of terms and conditions. Or Disney will require opting in to do stuff. Or it gets hacked

Brian20 days ago

Just try and catch him. He'll be in low earth orbit before they're even at his doorstep. 🤣

Squishy20 days ago

CaptainAmerica20 days ago

You're describing multiple felonies.

Brian20 days ago

aaronml21 days ago

Honestly this would have been more useful if FP+ still existed. You could ask “When is my first FastPass for the day?” Etc.

"El Magnifico"21 days ago

DA: Hi Jim. I overheard you talking about that big promotion. Congratulations! Jim: (awkwardly) Uh. Thanks DA: Now that we have some more income I went ahead and booked a two-bedroom at the Grand Floridian for your next vacation Jim: Umm. Who is we? DA: You know.

Disstevefan121 days ago

That's what they want you to believe :)

CaptainAmerica21 days ago

No, the mouse isn't. It's opt-in.

Disstevefan121 days ago

The mouse is listening……..