Walt Disney World and other major Disney accounts stop posting on social media platform X

Nov 28, 2023 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Tuesday November 28, 2023 9:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Multiple Walt Disney Company accounts have not posted on X, formerly Twitter, for over ten days amid continued fallout from widely condemned antisemitic comments made by the platform's owner, Elon Musk.

Musk sparked the criticism in a November 15 post on X, where he replied to another user who had accused Jews of hating white people and who had expressed indifference to antisemitism. Musk wrote: "You have said the actual truth."

In response to Musk's comment, Disney, Apple, IBM, Paramount, Warner Bros., and Discovery said they would pause advertising on X.

Disney now appears to have stepped up its response by withholding adding new content to the platform.

The official Walt Disney World and Disney Parks accounts last posted to X on November 17. Those accounts would typically make multiple daily posts on X. Other Disney accounts, including @StarWars, @Pixar, and @MarvelStudios are also now silent, while other Disney accounts, including ESPN and ABC News, remain active.

Disney is not alone in its apparent content boycott of X. Accounts for Universal, Paramount, Sony Pictures, and Discovery have also gone silent.

Recently, Disney has begun to lean heavily into TikTok, which included a massive campaign for the Disney100 celebration. The company also consistently posts to Facebook's X rival, Threads.

It remains to be seen if Disney's latest stance against X becomes permanent or if we will see Disney return to the platform where it began its early foray into social media.

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asianwayDec 27, 2023

Smartest post in this thread. Also goes for multi millionaires

BrianDec 27, 2023

They have. They just haven't yet resumed advertising.

TraumaDec 27, 2023

This thread should be locked until something new happens like Disney rejoining twitter.

Casper GutmanDec 27, 2023

Musk. Twitter. Thread topic.

BrianDec 27, 2023

General discussion about Musk and X/old Twitter seems to be OK in part because this story hasn't seen any new developments in a week or two yet the thread remains open, and the thread has gone through several rounds of deletions but has seen some of the general discussions about Musk and X up.

AylaDec 27, 2023

The topic of the thread, since there are a few that want to intentionally derail the thread into asinine whataboutisms.

Casper GutmanDec 27, 2023

In the face of significant material consequences, Musk “apologized” without any indication that he understood why his pattern of behavior was wrong, immediately went on an obscenity-laden rant about how he was the REAL victim which he carries on to this day, and then continued doing EXACTLY the same thing. If you buy that as an “apology,” it’s because you are desperate to defend and obfuscate Musk’s behavior.

StripesDec 27, 2023

We’re seemingly talking about two different things. I was referring to Disney‘s track record in entertainment over the past 100 years that has helped them foster a particular company culture that is hard to change regardless of turnover or change in management. You are apparently referring to the company’s financial success and I’d certainly agree with your comments in that regard.

celluloidDec 27, 2023

I have to say one thing. He apologized. Now we can go on to "well he only apologized due to the heat" but really, billionares of his status and influence rarely apologize. Take it what you will. Unforgiveable. Damage is done etc... But the guy apologized. Exactly. It is indeed. It is the reason why the phrase "You are only as good as the last thing you have done" and not "remember when the company used to do this?"

TouchdownDec 27, 2023

A person is not a company and a company is not a person. People generally do not change much, but companies change as the people who run it change. 30 years ago the Kodak corporation was a Dow Jones company making photography products, today it’s a penny stock that is constantly trying to hop on the next big thing (blockchain in 2019, health care in 2020 etc.). The best way to tell if a company is going to succeed is to research its current plan and staff, as well as its competitors so that you can tell it will succeed. Easy to say, hard to do.

TouchdownDec 27, 2023

Elon is a White South African who grew up in a rich family during apartheid. His latest Twitter ramblings have shown the world what he always was. Like almost every billionaire he is also an unrepentant narcissist with a savior complex. I believe his most recent biographer is quoted as saying the Elon very much wants the world to be saved, provided he is the one to do it and only him. He also is the person who has solely kept America in first place in interstellar travel, built the only profitable electric car company, and owns the largest internet access portal in the world. All these aspects can be true, because he is a human being. Personally I think his best days are behind him, and he is becoming more and more mentally unstable. I hope that his various corporations recognize it and somehow limit his power but doubt it will happen until he does something that loses his investors a lot of money, if X goes bankrupt that may be just enough.

LilofanDec 26, 2023

Many back in the day put their faith invested their life savings to a young Warren Buffett. Many years later these folks are millionaires in net worth and 93 year old Warren Buffett worth $118B still drives himself to work followed by his security team. I like Buffett's thinking in his daily diet of fast food and soda. He eats like a 6 year old since he said 6 year olds have one of the lowest death rates.

LittleBufordDec 26, 2023

I don’t think there’s any billionaire out there in whom I’d put so much faith. There’s a strange cult of personality at play here that I really don’t understand.

LittleBufordDec 26, 2023

I can link to his primary support of a tweet that you yourself acknowledged as anti-immigrant/Islamophobic. I’ve asked you a few times whether his views in that regard bother you, and I’ve yet to receive a reply.