Returning CEO Bob Iger shares excitement to be back at Disney headquarters

Nov 28, 2022 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday November 28, 2022 10:23am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Returning CEO Bob Iger has shared a photo today of his return to the Walt Disney Company's headquarters in Burbank, California.


Iger made a surprise return as CEO of the Walt Disney Company just over a week ago, following the firing of Bob Chapek.

Bob Iger said in his tweet, "Filled with gratitude and excitement to be back."

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Jrb19791 day ago

Somebody had too much dolewhip and churros

CaptainAmerica1 day ago

I have a rumbly in my tumbly.

Fido Chuckwagon3 days ago

This isn’t actually accurate. Many things caused the great tp shortage of ‘20, but one of the factors was that everyone stayed home instead of going to the office, and thus switched from using insustrial-grade commercial toilet paper (larger rolls, etc), to consumer-grade toilet paper. So TP companies on the one hand completely sold out of their consumer-grade product and on the other hand couldn’t move their commercial-grade stuff. They simply didn’t have the correct supply chains to get the toilet paper that was normally going to offices to supermarket shelves instead. It was supply chain snarl ups. They didn’t make a huge profit because of it. A similar thing happened with a lot of food supply chains when suddenly Americans who eat a decent percentage of their meals from restaurants were all eating all of their food from grocery stores at home. The food producers did not make a huge profit when milk, eggs, chicken, and beef started flying off of supermarket shelves. They lost money.

Slpy32704 days ago

Looks like Iger found something to cut....something no one will miss.

Elijah Abrams4 days ago

20th Century Fox was more recognizable than 20th Century Studios. Just putting it out.

Robbiem4 days ago

Does anyone really go to a movie anymore because its made by a certain studio? Maybe for a niche like pixar but I can’t see people going to see a 20th Century movie over a Paramount one There are so many companies at the start of most movies that the ‘studio’ is just one of a long list.

bcoachable4 days ago

We keep kicking around names of companies we are familiar with… I’ve always thought the Diz, when finally dissolved, will end up being broken apart and sold to interested investment companies of foreign origin…

Nubs704 days ago

The increased sales were in home based sales as AFH (Away From Home) TP plummeted with closure of offices

JoeCamel4 days ago

It's so last century?

Lilofan5 days ago

No I was not merely similar to what you said about your TP comment but the 734% increase of a March date compared to previous March date was impressive.

Elijah Abrams5 days ago

Forget Murdoch. He's having problems already. He needs to offload Fox Corp. Also, 20th Century Studios sounds like a dumb name change.

MrPromey5 days ago

His point was, what did the numbers look like after March - after there was no more TP on the shelves. Was it up or down? If there was nothing to buy, it'd have to have been down - way down, right? Just the same, you weren't really trying to get into a debate about TP here, were you?

Lilofan5 days ago

I pointed out sales through roof case in point March date 734% increase from previous March date. Poster pivoted and talked about something else like sold out everywhere.

MrPromey5 days ago

So we can expect to see falling TP prices since people like me with bidets are already stocked up with what for us, amounts to a four year supply and they'll be pumping out higher quantities now, post-pandemic? Sounds about right! 👍 I guess they've still got hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, and the 2024 presidential election to look forward to in terms of potential large-scale disasters so maybe there'll still be a need? 🤷‍♂️ To be fair to Lilofan, I think he was just throwing TP in there to be funny and we've all run with it like it's a serious talking point.