Disney CEO Bob Iger comments on rumored merger with Apple and how time away from the company may be great news for fans

Nov 28, 2022 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday November 28, 2022 1:00pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

New Disney CEO Bob Iger has been meeting with employees today during a company-wide virtual Town Hall meeting.

During the meeting, Iger acknowledged that the company is in the middle of a challenging time, and that "there is a lot to do, and quickly."

As part of a question session, Iger was asked about the rumored merger with Apple. In response, he said that talk of a deal with Apple was nothing more than speculation.

On a more parks-specific question, Bob was asked about his views on the Park Pass reservation system. He replied that he had not used the system before and needed to discuss it with park boss Josh D'Amaro before commenting further.

Finally, and possibly great news for fans, Iger said that his time away from the Walt Disney Company allowed him to view things through the eyes of the consumer. Will this lead to a more consumer-friendly Disney during Iger's second reign as CEO? It sounds like Iger will move quickly, and we won't have to wait long to see any changes he chooses to make.

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MR.DisAug 16, 2023

But Iger has blue lighted Snow White and the Magical Creatures. By the buzz I read on the internet, this looks like a sure bet for a +500 million write down. But he will explain, they need write offs so it is a success. Enlightened management.

SirwalterraleighAug 16, 2023

I didn’t check…where we at on the Iger stock bounce back today? $110? $115?!? Nobody has the leadership chops of this “blue ocean whale”! 🐳

SirwalterraleighAug 16, 2023

Well it worked for Sears and GE.. …ohhhh…nevermind

Nubs70Aug 15, 2023

Take the cash and evolve into Walt Disney Financial Services Corp.

EPCOT-O.G.Aug 15, 2023

They’re so flush with cash they’re paying for a fifth gate in Orlando…unfortunately it’s going to be Comcast’s next big park.

GhostHost1000Aug 15, 2023

Might as well sell the parks to comcast. At least they try

Figments FriendAug 15, 2023

So…. If Iger sells off the Disney Company to the highest bidder, then what…? Divisions get broken up and sold separately? All or nothing? We have a ‘coupon day’ at the Parks…? Game over..? Bob, I would really like to know what your end game plan is here. Not liking the signs in the hallway…. -

SirwalterraleighAug 15, 2023

Just another wsj article saying Iger has lost it and preparing money people for a tank job About 1 a week these days

EPCOT-O.G.Aug 14, 2023

Please translate: barbarians at the gate, again?

SirwalterraleighAug 14, 2023

https://www.wsj.com/articles/disney-makes-a-mickey-mouse-mistake-attendance-business-media-woke-politics-florida-inflation-791a6ad1 https://seekingalpha.com/news/4002693-nelson-peltzs-trian-fund-increases-disney-stake-in-q2-cuts-position-in-wendys?ref=biztoc.com

pdude81Aug 14, 2023

All he wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi, and Michael wouldn't give it to him. Instead he got a couple hundred million 🤣 .

SirwalterraleighAug 14, 2023

It may keep Eisner up 😂

RobbiemAug 14, 2023

I bet that keeps Bobby I up at night 😀✌️

Serpico JonesAug 14, 2023

Katzenberg is a billionaire, he’s got more money than Iger does.