Orange County allows local state of emergency Executive Order to expire as COVID cases continue to decline

31 days ago in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Wednesday October 27, 2021 11:17am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings has today announced that he is letting the loocal state of emergency executive order that he signed 3 months ago expire at 3:04pm today. The county will no longer be under a state of local emergency.

Prompting the announcement is a 14-day positivity rate of 3.51% - marking 17 consecutive days below 5%. The CDC continues to rate Orange County as a place of substantial COVID transmission, but leaders expect the county to move to moderate levels of transmission over the coming weeks.

Demings said that should cases rise, he will restore the executive order to contain cases where necessary.

Although there is not a county-wide mask mandate in effect, due to state restrictions imposed by the governor, it will continue to be the responsibility of local businesses to make decisions on mask use. The county will continue to require its employees to wear masks.

Walt Disney World moved quickly to reinstate mask usage when indoors at the request of Orange County in July 2021 as COVID cases began to surge.

Disney has followed Orange County guidelines closely throughout the pandemic. This latest development may prompt Disney to revaluate mask usage at the parks and possibly make changes to the current requirement to wear masks when indoors.

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Joffrey11 minutes ago

They were going to start selling APs again too, but Optimus Prime said "no".

EricsBiscuit15 minutes ago

As said earlier in the thread, they do not have to enforce that mandate. It is not a rule. It is a draconian and subjective mandate made to show how woke Disney is. I will not partake in the virtue signaling of wearing a mask.

Chip Chipperson50 minutes ago

There's a park not to far away where you can go maskless without causing extra stress for the employees. Maybe go there instead of adding more aggravation to someone's job? Or follow the rules you agreed to by reserving a spot in the park.

Crunchie94 hours ago

According to the SA MoH there is no evidence that it is more deadly or transmission-able then the delta. Just that SA is not an economic power house so they can over act because of their non reliance on SA

Crphillipp5 hours ago

Couldn't agree more. we are stuck with this and its time to move on.

disneygeek905 hours ago

Congratulations I guess?

EricsBiscuit5 hours ago

And even if it is already here, so what? There will always be a new variant. Such is life. Time to move on.

helenabear5 hours ago

Yep! At home we have mandates as it is. I cannot go nearly anywhere indoors with one here. I'm not convinced the new variant will change Disney’s mandates. I get the feeling they're just waiting as a whole to make sure they don't flip flop. With cooler temps I don't care as much anyway. Last week a friend and I even kept ours on outside at night, it was cold out lol

Andrew C5 hours ago

All Fauci said is that he wouldn’t be surprised if it was here already. Probably a safe assumption but he has no direct evidence yet.

EricsBiscuit6 hours ago

I will continue to not wear my mask unless anyone asks me to. Then I will continue to take my time to put it on. There is no point in complying with this stupid mandate.

Lilofan6 hours ago

With the Omicron variant may already be in the USA according to Dr Fauci , there is perhaps no chance of the mask policy being revised anytime soon.

AmishGuy916 hours ago

Wrong…. happened to me with RNR two days ago. Party in front of me didnt have masks on and I never got the photo

VelocityRaptor6 hours ago

No, they haven’t done that in months and months.

Crunchie96 hours ago

Is Disney deleting ride photos that are maskless?