Disneyland Resort to allow guests from outside of California and expands the park reservation booking window

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Disneyland Resort
Posted: Wednesday May 26, 2021 4:09pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disneyland Resort in California will once again welcome guests from outside of California effective June 15 2021.

In accordance with state guidelines, since the reopening last month, the park has restricted access to residents of California visiting in groups no larger than 3 households.

Also announced today is an extension of the park reservation booking window to 120 days - allowing more time for guests to plan a trip.

Upcoming openings at Disneyland Resort include the Avengers Campus opening at Disney California Adventure park on June 4, the reopening of Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel on June 15 and Disneyland Hotel on July 2.

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SoCalDisneyLover1 hour ago

The busy holiday period won't start until mid-November, and they usually compensate for that with Blockout dates. Not sure how that will work under whatever program they intend to come out with. But I can't see them sitting by during the Labor Day to mid-November period, while the weekday crowds are non-existent. My prediction is we'll get some sort of announcement around the 1st week of September, with sales beginning almost immediately after that. I don't see them waiting until things get busier in November, because that doesn't make sense since they know there won't be a problem drawing people between Thanksgiving & January 1.

AL2000HS11 hours ago

I could see summer but with the holidays those tend to be busier.

SoCalDisneyLover15 hours ago

It just opened up to out of state, and it's the heart of the summer. It always quiets down as of Labor Day, and non-local visitors drop significantly. If they're not making reservations to full amount possible, that too will be increased. They'll be fine through Summer. But by September, they'll lose a lot of tourists, and the locals who have probably already been once or twice, will be done with paying $105+ each visit. Now, Oogie Boogie Bash, which should be held, will sell out every night. But weekdays at the parks will be empty from Labor Day to mid-November, without whatever program they intend to put out.

Tamandua15 hours ago

I have to wonder how many of the tickets used so far were existing tickets that people are trying to use up. I know a number of people who still have multi-day so cal resident tickets to use. Once all those tickets dry up and people have gone once or twice back, will the demand still be there?

Curious Constance15 hours ago

All that matters is they sell out before the day of. And that seems to be what’s been happening so far.

SoCalDisneyLover16 hours ago

Looking at how park availability is wide open roughly 2-3 weeks out, makes me think Disney is going to have to start "memberships" by summer's end. Otherwise they're going to have availability every day except Saturdays. Perhaps early September?

DLR>WDW21 hours ago

SoCalDisneyLover1 day ago

I know, but if they were seriously thinking of getting rid of Fast Pass, they could easily have removed the big sign that says Fast Pass Entrance, and made it into a regular queue. The fact it's still there seems like an indication that it will be utilized as it was intended at some point.

Web Slingerz #1 Fan1 day ago

It very well could be. The CEO could have been trying to save face for Star Wars Land's underperformance as well as their massive profit loss during the shutdown. I certainly dont like how they wordsmith things to pretend they are doing better than ever when their revenue was down 5 billion year over year.

flynnibus1 day ago

that is simply disney spinning…. what they know is people don’t like being in a miserable park experience and disney had pushed it too far. This “observation” (shocker right?) is simply being being paraded around as justification for disney doing what it already wanted to do for other reasons. don’t worry, when disney rolls out their absurdly priced fastpass alternative you’ll hear how disney is “responding to customer demand for options to enhance their limited vacation fime” or some other self serving nonsense

Web Slingerz #1 Fan1 day ago

This area was designed and mostly built before the shutdown though. In terms of revenue, the CEO found that they had revenue increases with lower lines. There is a fine balancing act I suppose.

Web Slingerz #1 Fan1 day ago

If they do it like Universal where its expensive, this is totally good with me. My problem is when tons of people can get fastpasses it makes the wait times huge. If they want to charge 200ish dollars a person for fastpass, that shouldn't make a difference in wait times.

SoCalDisneyLover1 day ago

Oh, they're going to bring back Fastpass, 100%. For one thing, Maxpass brings in revenue, and that's pretty much all Disney cares about these days, is Revenue. The only question is whether they will also charge for Fastpass as well when it returns. And the new ride in DCA has a line dedicated to Fast Pass. It has a sign indicating such. If they had any plan to discontinue Fast Pass, the sign would have been removed before Avenger's Campus opened.

Tamandua1 day ago

They will absolutely bring it back, especially since they already have the infrastructure for it... But they will probably make you pay for it.