Florida sees massive rise in new COVID-19 cases to almost 9000 in today's Florida Health Department report

Jun 26, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

The Florida Department of Health has just released new COVID-19 numbers showing a huge increase in new cases yesterday.

8933 new cases were reported, up from around 5000 for the previous few days. Today's numbers set a new record for the most new cases by a significant margin, the previous record was 5463. The state's death toll climbed by 33 to 3366.

In related news and in response to the rise in COVID-19 in the area, Apple has closed its two closest retail stores to Walt Disney World effective today, at Mall at Millenia and Florida Mall. Both stores are located about 12 miles from Disney Springs.

Disney reiterated yesterday that it still plans to be reopening the Magic Kingdom and Disney's Animal Kingdom on July 11, with EPCOT and Disney's Hollywood Studios following soon after on July 15.

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Article Posted: Jun 26, 2020 / 10:39m ET
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havoc3153 minutes ago

Maybe. Many of the restrictions they listed were limited to people with vaccination passports. So R0 above 1.0 where over 50% are partially vaccinated and nearly 40% of adults are fully vaccinated.. AND a vaccination passport is being required for many activities.. We’ve had many periods of R0 below 1, even long before vaccines. It’s premature to call it bad news. But it’s also hard to call it good news. And it’s hard to draw parallels to the US where we have a very different public health system, cultural attitudes, and likely won’t use vaccine passports. The evidence I’ve seen from Israel suggest vaccines are definitely working. But despite 40% of the population being vaccinated, they still have significantly more daily cases and deaths than they were having prior to the December surge. We are still very much in “wait and see.”

GoofGoof18 minutes ago

Considering they are only halfway through with vaccines and they already hit a small period of time below 1 that’s pretty encouraging news. They removed a lot of restrictions and the number went up above 1 now which I guess is expected. Since they are about 2 months ahead of us it’s a good indication on where things could go here if we continue ramping up vaccines.

Disney Experience26 minutes ago

Yep. If there was something that spread well asymptomatically (i.e. a very high R0 ) and a high kill rate once infected, or disfiguring/crippling. Also, there would have to be no readily available prophylactic nor treatment that can be provided to the masses. Picture something worse than smallpox on steroids. Something like that would mean the benefit/risk ratio of getting a vaccine out is much different than is the case for covid. Hopefully BARDA and others look into what should be the protocol in that case. Yep. A good quick challenge study combining Phase 1/2/3 (big enough phase 3 to drop trial arms that are deadend from phase 1 results if those come in before enough data from phase 2/3). I think getting volunteers would be almost impossible (with a really bad virus). If there was treatment that worked, then a challenge study might be done. Instead you might have to just get subjects and placebo group from a hot spot, if there is no effective treatment. Hopefully quick reuse of MRNA technology once a good spot in the virus is located. Production as soon as first test starts. If you can get production beyond those needed for trial, allow those who have highest risks to voluntarily assume the risk and get it without waiting for trial results

dizneyingaffect28 minutes ago

You are correct: that they are still above 1 is not ideal.

lazyboy97o29 minutes ago

The process was not really sped up. The government is made up of those same flawed individuals.

Tom P.30 minutes ago

Our entire system in the United States is based on the idea of individual self-governance. If you are taking the position that individuals are either too stupid or too stubborn to do the right thing, then you might as well scrap the entire American experiment and start over with a different form of government.

Tom P.32 minutes ago

I remember that last year there was some talk about possibly going the route of deliberately exposing test subjects to Covid because of concern about the speed of development of the vaccine. I think that was around the time that the spread had slowed down in some areas. In a weird sort of way, we are fortunate that there was another surge in cases. Had their not been, the clinical trials might have taken a lot longer to get the data they needed and we wouldn't be as close to the end of this thing as we are.

DisneyCane34 minutes ago

Governor DeSantis has expanded the groups eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Florida. Beginning March 3, eligible residents include: Long-term care facility residents and staff; Persons 65 years of age and older; Health care personnel with direct patient contact; K-12 school employees 50 years of age and older; Sworn law enforcement officers 50 years of age and older; and Firefighters 50 years of age and older

eliza61nyc36 minutes ago

Because individuals have proven time and time again to be self serving and subjecating to others. Time and time again the "individual" has proven to do what fits "them" regardless to the destruction of others. Yeah, I trust the government a hell of a lot more to do the right thing.

Kevin_W37 minutes ago

...with bombs. :)

DC070341 minutes ago

This was sped up considerably. Often drugs require years before they get approval. It's also worth noting that one of the biggest reasons for vaccine hesitancy right now is "it was rushed"

GoofGoof58 minutes ago

Looks like JnJ is days away from receiving FDA approval to use a much larger plant to manufacturer their Covid vaccine. This will allow them to quickly ramp up their production in a few weeks. Good sign for the expanding vaccine rollout. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/johnson-johnson-waiting-plant-approval-195251723.html

havoc3151 hour ago

Just had my 1st Pfizer shot.

Heppenheimer1 hour ago

There's really only two ways to speed up the process: 1) Have a pandemic with a disease even more out of control.than this one. 2) Deliberately infect the test subjects to see if it works. With any vaccine, you need enough cases to accumulate in the placebo group to test for statistical significance. We were actually helped in this matter that the pandemic did rage so fiercely and with little seasonal variation, so we could reach that trial endpoint much more quickly. The second option would never pass muster with an institutional review board.