Europe's largest tour operator cancels all Disney vacations because new COVID-19 regulations would 'significantly impact the experience'

Jun 26, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

TUI, Europe's largest tour operator, has today cancelled all vacations to Florida from the United Kingdom and Ireland until December.

In a statement TUI said, "The decision has been made following new health and safety measures implemented at Walt Disney World to ensure the safety of its guests. These changes would significantly impact the holiday experience for many TUI customers who plan their magical and often once in a lifetime Florida holiday.”

Further the company said that it, "commits to only operating holidays where it’s able to guarantee an enjoyable, relaxing and safe holiday without significant changes at their destination."

Customers are being offered options to delay their trip, receive a refund or changing their destination.

When the parks reopen, Disney will be requiring face masks, temperature screening, social distancing, and significantly reduced operating hours and entertainment.

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Article Posted: Jun 26, 2020 / 11:20am ET
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DCBaker6 hours ago

GoofGoof6 hours ago

Yes, you misunderstood what I was saying. I was saying people who downplay the severity of the virus and therefore are opposed to having any Covid related restrictions are Covid deniers. I didn’t mean that anyone who was opposed to any specific restriction is a denier. I agree that the restrictions need to be based in science and be reasonable. I moved this here from the other thread so we don’t get into trouble for political talk. It’s OK here as long as it’s Covid related.

DCBaker11 hours ago

Numbers are out - there were 79 new reported deaths.

Chi8413 hours ago

I think people are more sensitive to scents these days. When I first started working, lots of people wore perfume or cologne. By the time I retired, there were rules against wearing such scents and it was frowned upon in restaurants and theaters. I know it’s different in a private home, but maybe we are getting used to lighter scents.

oceanbreeze7713 hours ago

I do think the formula has changed. I LOVE yankee candles (basic, I know) but the last 2 years the scent has decreased. The ones I have this year last for maybe 30 minutes and then the smell fades out, and the smell is kind of weak. But I had some in storage from like 2/3 years ago and when I light those the smell is strong and lasts.

DisneyDebRob14 hours ago

I’ve never thought they had a long lasting scent when burned anyway. Open the lid and it smells so good. Start burning it and barely get a smell. Or maybe I’ve had Covid for the last 20 years. 🙂 Anyway my wife found candles that fill the house for half the price. I have a Christmas one burning now.. makes me want to open presents.

FeelsSoGoodToBeBad22 hours ago

Seems like those people should have taken the lack of perceived scent as a warning sign but sadly, I'm not really surprised many did not and instead chose to complain and blame someone else for the issue. ....and if that isn't typical 2020, I don't know what is.** **Please don't take this as me pointing to "one side or the other" politically. I am not a fan of either side and the glass slipper could fit them both at any given time.

hopemax1 day ago

So random COVID Twitter thread of the day... Someone noticed and commented about all the recent negative reviews on Yankee Candle's website, complaining about the "lack of scent." Someone else decided to review Amazon candle reviews for 2017 - 2020. There have been more negative/lack of scent reviews since the virus reached the US, and the last month has really accelerated. If you can't smell your new candle, you might want to get a COVID test... and not leave a negative review.

danlb_20001 day ago

Another reason to look at the hospitalization number since it is not a per-day number.

GoofGoof1 day ago

Should we go to the airport to cheer for the vaccine arrival like a sports team coming home after winning a championship ;)

DCBaker1 day ago

danlb_20001 day ago

Cool, solves two problems at once, gets the vaccine distributed and generates some income for the airlines.

sbunit1 day ago It’s coming....

JoeCamel1 day ago

MIA Ron, does he think he lost an election? He has time left.......