Europe's largest tour operator cancels all Disney vacations because new COVID-19 regulations would 'significantly impact the experience'

Jun 26, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Friday June 26, 2020 11:20am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

TUI, Europe's largest tour operator, has today cancelled all vacations to Florida from the United Kingdom and Ireland until December.

In a statement TUI said, "The decision has been made following new health and safety measures implemented at Walt Disney World to ensure the safety of its guests. These changes would significantly impact the holiday experience for many TUI customers who plan their magical and often once in a lifetime Florida holiday.”

Further the company said that it, "commits to only operating holidays where it’s able to guarantee an enjoyable, relaxing and safe holiday without significant changes at their destination."

Customers are being offered options to delay their trip, receive a refund or changing their destination.

When the parks reopen, Disney will be requiring face masks, temperature screening, social distancing, and significantly reduced operating hours and entertainment.

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Lilofan4 hours ago

Anyone who has played football, many hits to the head and body in practice and in games, the pain relief starts with Tylenol...

MisterPenguin7 hours ago

Yes, Me too!! My confidence in the FDA to be unswayed by two administrations and neither administration attempting to force them to do something too hasty has really increased my confidence, too!!!!

GoofGoof8 hours ago

Yeah, I‘ve basically given up trying to figure out what the newest spin will be. Nobody is changing their mind so we “learn to live with the virus”. That doesn’t actually mean what some people want it to though. We don’t just bury our heads in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist, instead the plan includes continued mitigations like masks and distancing in some cases and attempts to limit unvaccinated people from public exposure for long periods of time including workplaces and certain leisure activities. Once community spread is under control the fully vaccinated will likely be able to return to mostly normal life again.

Virtual Toad8 hours ago

Interestingly it was the exact opposite. The panel decided that the vaccine is so effective that boosters for the general public are not needed at this time. But spinners will continue to spin I guess.

GoofGoof8 hours ago

Considering the FDA committee granted full approval to the Pfizer vaccine less than a month ago it would be very surprising if someone from the committee was questioning the efficacy or safety of the vaccine. Seems like more spin from people who continue to crusade against the vaccines. It’s sad to say but there’s not much hope of changing anyone’s mind anymore with facts or data. The process is what it is and as more and more workplace mandates and vaccine passports become the norm people will make their choice. As I said before, the time for debate is over, we tried and failed to change people’s minds. The spin around this vote only proves that. On to plan B.

Virtual Toad8 hours ago

Important to note: The comments in question came *not* from members of the advisory committee, but from outside persons during the meeting’s hour-long “open public hearing” comments period. The speaker you mentioned specifically called for more information as part of a “plea” to be able to convince the vaccine-hesitant to get the vaccine. His full comments are roughly 4 hours in to the 8-hour video you posted. They have not been fact-checked, and they were not endorsed by the FDA or the panel itself. The fact that he was not a member of the panel, and instead just signed up to speak during the “public comment” portion of the hearing, is important context worth mentioning. And probably why his comments are not gaining widespread attention, interest or media coverage.

Nubs7010 hours ago

What was interesting is not that the data was inconclusive... There was not enough data. Yet the politicians were ready to roll out boosters tomorrow. I feel my confidence building.

ABQ13 hours ago

Interesting, and sadly I didn't see any coverage of this on any network, two panelists at the FDA booster debate had some questions on not only efficacy and if vaccine based herd immunity is possible, and also questioned how they can tell an antivax person they are incorrect in questioning the vaccine when they don't believe they have the data to do so. The latter being Joseph Fraiman, MD. These two both speak back to back in this video.

Angel Ariel14 hours ago

No vaccine provides a foolproof barrier to the virus getting in your body. They mitigate what the virus is able to do once it gets there. And the vaccines have been very effective at preventing hospitalization and death, which was their intended purpose.

GoofGoof16 hours ago

Yeah, the 6 billion shot thing is really quite an accomplishment. At the current pace could double that by end of March. That assumes we have enough arms to jab and assuming the distribution is properly organized. We will see the number pop a little more as the rest of kids get approved.

ArmoredRodent16 hours ago

A huge proportion of the near-term third shots needed in the U.S. are probably already produced and readily available. Just click on one of the big pharmacy chains, like Rite Aid, and check out the available appointments. When I checked, a nearby pharmacy (in a low-population area) had as many as 65 appointments available every day last week. Those vaccines are not going anywhere else but, as @JoeCamel pointed out, into arms or the garbage. Huge numbers of Pfizer vaccines are set to expire on TUESDAY this week (Sept. 21), so the FDA gave them a three-month extension. (Sigh, yet another oh-so-attractive talking point for vaccine-hesitators. "Those vaccines are EXPIRED." "Not the ones you would be getting." "Yes, they are!") Another viewpoint, however, is whether the program is really going as poorly as people might think? Bloomberg has a nice summary including international reports that points out that almost SIX BILLION shots have already been given, enough to cover almost 40% of all humans on the planet. (apparently no paywall). Still not enough and unevenly distributed, sure, but a historic immense global undertaking nonetheless. Yes, it would be far better if third-world vaccine distribution was as good as first-world, but it was always going to take more time and effort than the devoutly-to-be-wished-for perfection.

mf197216 hours ago

we’ve been seeing more covid+ kids coming into our hospital as of late. age wise, it ranged from 5-18 years old. we hope we don’t see more of an increase since school started. we’ll wait & see.

Nubs7017 hours ago

Stock price is both ex post and ex ante not solely ex post.

disneygeek9017 hours ago

Just got my flu shot about 45 mins ago. During the time waiting I saw two people getting their second shot (one walking in with no mask🙄) and an elderly person getting her 3rd. One was asking a lot of questions about symptoms etc which if I had to guess was the reason she waited this long. Better late than never though and nice to see some real life results.