Florida Governor lifts capacity restrictions on bars and restaurants state-wide as the state moves to phase 3 reopening

Sep 25, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has today lifted all remaining COVID-19 restrictions on businesses in the state of Florida.

Specifically for bars and restaurants, there is no longer any state requirements to operate below 100% capacity. Also in today's executive order is a directive to prevent local authorities from closing businesses due to COVID-19 concerns.

It isn't yet clear how this will relate to Walt Disney World, as Disney is following its own phased reopening plans, which are far more cautious and controlled than state regulations.


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Article Posted: Sep 25, 2020 / 1:06pm ET
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hopemax1 hour ago

No one might have planned for any of this to happen, but for the right opportunistic entity, it would be a no-brainer to stir the pot as much as you can and see what happens.

TrainChasers1 hour ago

“At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer: that if it ever reach us, it must spring from amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we, ourselves, must be its authors and finishers. As a nation of free men, we must live through all times, or die by suicide.” - Great Moments with President Lincoln, Disneyland.

oceanbreeze772 hours ago

Its such a confusing time emotionally because I am hopeful and relieved that help is on the way, and it is so great that we have someone who is going to lead us through the rest of this disaster, but at the same time it is so heartbreaking to be going through this current wave of coronavirus. I guess I want to feel completely hopeful, but the gravity of what were going through makes me feel like I can't.

oceanbreeze772 hours ago

And that's why the last 4 years we have fallen down the totem pole. We are fulfilling the wishes of some of our enemies by destroying our country from the inside.

hopemax2 hours ago

Random thought for the night, which will probably cause somebody else to leave the thread because I am obviously crazy... One thing we are learning is that, while the March assertions that this was a man-made virus, set loose by the Chinese are false, what is happening is showing the viability of this type of virus warfare against so-called "superior nations." The people who most believe this is "China's fault," are also the most eager to just let let it rip through their country's citizens and fight the Government trying to stop it. Talk about doing the enemy's work for them. If there is any validity that the permafrost melting could unleash ancient pathogens, or that climate change will make future zoonotic virus more likely, it seems like an alternative for unfriendlies who lack resources to take on the US or Western Europe in a conventional military manner. At the least it gives Hollywood script writers, Bioterror authors, war gamers in the Defense Department new material (this is not a good thing). Although, I'm sure that in the case of real military biowarfare it will be immediately recognized for what it is, there will be no associated propaganda warfare cries of "fake news intended to scare people and allow the government to subdue its citizens," and we will come together in harmony and cooperation to defeat the true enemy, and we don't need to stretch those kind of national muscles now.

MrHappy2 hours ago

It’s better than drinking bleach, right?

TrainChasers2 hours ago

It’s interesting how this has evolved, up until President Obama I don’t remember so many people saying “he’s not my president!” I thought it was a racist thing with him but now it’s happened with President Trump and of your prediction is true, President Biden will be next.

_caleb2 hours ago

Cutting off your nose to spite your face, huh? Maybe then you guys will reconsider wearing masks...

LUVMCO3 hours ago

You're going to have about 70 million people that won't listen to a word Biden says. I'm not sure why you think they would??? I don't want to get political, but just like four years ago when one side said "not my president" you are going to see the same thing this time around on the other side. I think you're living in some kind of dream world if you think people are going to comply just because POTUS says too. There are lock down protest going on all over Europe. Your going to see them here. Your also going to vaccine protests. The more force you see by government the more people are going to rebel. Some people think the government should fear the people not the other way around.

Sirwalterraleigh3 hours ago

“Do what you want” sure as hell doesn’t seem to be “sticking” at this point... So it’s like betting with the house’s money.

Sirwalterraleigh3 hours ago

Honestly: are ride photos a “thing” right now? That adults have entered the room?

Calmdownnow4 hours ago

Evidence that individuals may have exposed others on the ride to infection and wantonly put others at risk of infection. May not be a criminal offense, but I could imagine civil liability.

Calmdownnow4 hours ago

An interesting legal angle would be if the govt says a 100 day mask mandate, would health insurance companies be able to invalidate health cover for those who don't comply?

Chi844 hours ago

Evidence of what?