Walt Disney World Cast Members on furlough told to expect a continuation beyond 6 months

Aug 25, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Walt Disney World Cast Members that have yet to be called back to work have been advised that their furlough could extend beyond six months.

In an email sent to furloughed Cast Members, Disney said that, "We continue to manage through this pandemic, and based on your role, you will continue to remain on furlough until further notice. When we initially notified you of your furlough, we could not have anticipated that it could exceed six months. However, due to business circumstances that were not reasonably foreseeable at the time and given the unprecedented and ongoing nature of the pandemic and its impact on our businesses, we regret to inform you that we now reasonably expect your furlough could extend beyond six months from your initial furlough date. We wish we had been able to provide you with more notice, and we have acted as quickly as we could, given the rapidly changing situation."

The email goes on to say that although the company hopes the furloughs are temporary, the unpredictable nature of the pandemic creates uncertainty.

Among the worst hit departments is entertainment, which has been affected particularly hard with very little character dining, and no character meet or parades taking place. Restaurant workers, servers and house keeping are also heavily impacted by the reduced operational status throughout the resort.

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Article Posted: Aug 25, 2020 / 8:55am ET
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Goofyernmost8 days ago

I was as well, so just the other day I decided to go. It is utterly amazing just how important those peanuts were to the atmosphere of the place and the enjoyment of the burger. It still tasted good, but it was like Disney without Mickey Mouse. Just not the same!

networkpro8 days ago

Culver Franchising System, Inc. dba 'Culver's' , the closest is only 12 miles away from where I sit. Braums is wholly family-owned, all 280 locations and all of them are within a 300 mile radius of Tuttle, OK. where the dairy is located.

jkh366198 days ago

We have a couple of Culvers in coastal Alabama as well. Someone told me they have a good burger. Now I'm going to have to check it out since you guys have mentioned it as well. I guess it's the same company because its sign mentions frozen custard. We don't have In and Out but we do have Five Guys and Whataburger which are pretty good. Me personally, I find the best burgers at mom and pop restaurants in the area.

TrainChasers8 days ago

Oh I forgot about Culver’s... that’s another privately owned company that should be added to the list with In-n-out and chik.

_caleb8 days ago

THIS is actually the thing I'm most interested in. Disney is realizing that they were a juggernaut under the old, single-audience approach to content (see our conversation in the "Strategic Restructuring Announced" thread). This new approach might see Disney approaching their audience more like the collection of niche audiences that it has become.

Touchdown8 days ago

Culver’s is in Orlando FYI. I’ve been to Braums, it does not make the list. Culver’s I believe is one of the fastest growing restaurant chains. It’s now in 25 states.

flynnibus8 days ago

Fair point - but the point was not that they are 'copy cats' as much as "if you come from an area established with boutique burger joints ... something like In n Out isn't going to be as big of a delta to you... " (compared to someone who only has fast food or casual dining options around them). The food gap differentiator for In n Out is greatly diminished if someone is used to having today's gourmet or speciality burger joints around. Damn... now I'm hungry for Five Guys ...

networkpro8 days ago

Whataburger has been around Texas since 1950, so grouping them among the recent "also-rans" isn't valid Well your focus is well away from any park, I'd stack Braums against anything from the Midwest.

Lilofan8 days ago

I rarely eat fries but if I do at BK or MickeyDs I only want them freshly fried. I ask for a serving of fries - no salt. The crewmember has to fry a fresh batch just for me. I then ask for a few salt packets on the side once they bag up my order.

Lilofan8 days ago

Driving thru PA I saw a sign for Sheetz off the interstate. I thought it was just another gas station option like 7-11. I passed on it. I might give a try next time for lunch and gas if passing thru next time.

ImperfectPixie8 days ago

Fry style is a total battle in our house...I prefer crinkle (because they get nice and crispy), hubby prefers beefy steak-fries (which to me are just baked potato slices).

Touchdown8 days ago

In and out makes a fine burger, but it’s not the best regional burger chain IMO. That crown belongs to Wisconsin’s ver own Culver’s. I slightly prefer their burgers to In and out, Culver’s crinkle fries beat them hands down and for the ace in the hole, Culver’s also serves Frozen Custard, has a much more varied menu and has fried cheese curds. In short, my top 3 regional fast food chains are: 1. Culvers 2. In and Out 3. Shake Shack Not a regional FAST food chain: 1. Five Guys-It takes 10-15 min for your order to come out, does not have drive thru and is very delicious but it’s a casual dining restaurant not fast food.

TrainChasers8 days ago

She went out for chik-fil-a and is still waiting in the drive thru!

larryz8 days ago

I'm pretty sure Iger's had his share of In-n-Out...