Disney updates its legendary Four Keys model to include a fifth key

26 days ago in "The Walt Disney Company"

Disney plans to update its legendary Four Keys foundation with a fifth key - Inclusion.

For more than 60 years, the Four Keys of Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency have been instilled in every Cast Member from day one of their Traditions training, and is a guiding principle of guest service for the company.

The new key represents the company's commitment to cultural transformation, and with it being part of the keys, it will be part of everyday working life for Cast Members.

The position of the fifth key in the hierarchy is still to be determined.

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Article Posted: Sep 24, 2020 / 2:53pm ET
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Brer Oswald17 days ago

So then what do we say to when referring to the “old” definition? Redefining it to a trump card when we lose an online argument diminishes the seriousness of actual racism. If you disagree, don’t engage with my post and move on.

RSoxNo117 days ago

The definition of racism is literally changing in the dictionary due to the changes and understanding of society.

Brer Oswald18 days ago

You can’t really change the definition of a word. You can create new words or add terms, like “Systemic Racism”, which I believe is what you were referring to. And I agree that it exists, and it’s a problem. But there’s a separate term, use it. Why oversimplify a complicated topic?

SirWillow18 days ago

Don't know if anyone is interested or not, but posted a video on my YouTube channel yesterday about this. It's very hard to be able to say everything adequately and clearly sometimes when you're just trying to respond to other posts, but the video allowed me to dig in a bit more and express my thoughts about it a bit clearer I think.

RSoxNo118 days ago

Let me know how history bears out on this. To be less condescending, no doubt the term racism has evolved as we've become more educated on what is and isn't acceptable. It's why I'm very much against retroactive outrage. Things that weren't as highly criticized a decade ago would end your career today. It's a moving target and all races need to be willing to have a dialogue.

Tom P.18 days ago

The definition of racism has nothing to do with the balance of power. That is an argument that has been invented to condemn the racism of one group of people while excusing that of another. There is no question that there are differences in terms of which types of racism have been institutionalized or formalized. But whether you have power to affect someone or not through racism does not change whether or not one is racist.

RSoxNo118 days ago

Colbert coined the term truthiness over a decade ago in the first season (maybe even the first episode) of the Colbert Report. It is absolutely the mindset of the masses now.

RSoxNo118 days ago

Is it virtue signaling? Where was this reported? Are people other than Disney message boards talking about it? Was there a press release on WDWNews.com or was this an internal memo? Sure, it could be included and specified under courtesy instead of being its on key, but perhaps they also identified a problem internally and this is one of many steps to rectify the problem. When you're solving sensitive problems like this, there are going to be symbolic changes and actual changes. You have to be willing to accept one if you want the other.

RSoxNo118 days ago

An element of racism is the balance of power. If every race was on equal footing in our society than your argument makes a lot more sense. However, until we get to that point it's specious at best.

Tanna Eros20 days ago

"I’m not sure what posts are left in this thread since @The Mom snapped her gauntleted fingers, but we discussed this." It's good to know that so many 'subversive" comments got nixed, like my own. I guess my last name will denote me as a subversive, not part of that fifth key.

Brer Oswald20 days ago

Which is why I said “shouldn’t this be incorporated into all of them?”. Perhaps they should design a whole new system from the ground up.

noodles20 days ago

Nothing has objective meaning anymore. Your truth is your truth. Do try to keep up.

Tom Morrow20 days ago

I know that this isn't what they meant, and obviously it would not be practiced that way. I'm just pointing out that the hierarchy of the keys does dictate that the other keys are comprisable in the name of safety. I don't think I can continue the debate without more information on how Disney plans to implement this, so for now we'll have to agree to disagree.

Chi8420 days ago

Good luck with that . . . I tried.