Disney CEO Bob Chapek comments on capacity increases at Disney World

26 days ago in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday May 24, 2021 5:05pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

During a conversation with the 'J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference' this afternoon, Disney CEO Bob Chapek spoke about increasing capacity and a return to normal operations at the Walt Disney World theme parks.

Bob said that we can expect to see "low double digit increases" in attendance over the next coupe of months, and that we should see the full benefits of the relaxation of guidelines closer to the end of Q4, around September. He went on to talk about how despite restrictions being eased for guests, the parks are still bound by OSHA guidelines that adds great complexity to the process of scaling back restrictions as a whole at the parks.

Chapek also talked about how the pandemic shutdown gave the company the opportunity to reconsider legacy processes and offerings, including ticket pricing and annual pass sales. We have already seen the suspension of the program at Disneyland Resort, and new sales halted at Walt Disney World.

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DisneyCane1 hour ago

Or at least not two weeks post shot #2 to be fully vaccinated.

dovetail652 hours ago

Or that group people just want to wear the masks because they are touching all the levers and getting closer to more people than most. CM do form clicks, especially the loaders. If they all feel they are safer as their small group when they work we may see CM wearing mask 2 years from now here and there. Now if all loaders on every attraction wore them we would know if it was a CM rule for loaders.

Lilofan3 hours ago


Chomama1 day ago

And they may not be vaccinated!

helenabear1 day ago

Absolutely! Some people just aren't comfortable yet. It takes time...

peter114351 day ago

Also just because they can doesn’t mean they will

helenabear1 day ago

Per the rules we had before the 15th all ride loading areas were considered indoors. So who knows. Also one doesn't know if the CM is vaccinated or not.

Nick_A1 day ago

The greeters at Everest this evening were unmasked, but the cast on the loading platform all had masks on, which was weird considering we were still very much “outside.” Are they considering a roof over your head to be “inside”?

DCBaker1 day ago

threvester1 day ago

Looks like outdoor kiosks are a go too

threvester1 day ago

Some janitors and 2 girls selling balloons as well

threvester1 day ago

Just got to disney springs..bus employees not driving are unmasked

Bullseye19671 day ago

Almost time for the Friday bad news drop.

helenabear1 day ago

I suppose I get it where there was food around as a double safety thing for them and us, but yeah outdoors? Uh no way at all. I even felt for our tour guide who had to wear it all day with us. He kept up an amazing pace and hardly touched his mask once. So many looked so hot though I give fantastic kudos to all CMs we encountered. They seemed so kind only one, when I remarked how horribly beat up her face shield was as she was trying to fix it, even mentioned a thing about them. For those who are vaccinated, I bet this is a great day for them!