Florida continues to see COVID-19 surge with a record high day yesterday of more than 5500 new cases

Jun 24, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Wednesday June 24, 2020 11:09am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The state of Florida now has 109,000 cases to date of COVID-19, and yesterday saw a record day adding 5500 new cases to the total.

Yesterday's increase was more than 850 higher than the previous record from last week. The state as a whole, and Orange County, is seeing a far higher number of cases than was seen when the state shutdown in March.

Last week, in response to the rise in cases, Orange County introduced a mandatory mask rule to try to manage the spread of COVID-19.

Walt Disney World opened its resort hotels this week, and plans to begin a phased reopening of the theme parks from July 11. The NBA and MLS will also resume their seasons at Walt Disney World in July.

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mf197211 hours ago

very sorry for your loss. my condolences for you & your family.

mf197211 hours ago

was about to warn u that 2nd shot packs a punch. out of the 12 people i know who had moderna, 3 had none of the usual side effects. u should hopefully start feeling better tomorrow. hang in there 👍

StarWarsGirl12 hours ago

I'm so sorry. That's awful especially since your family did everything they were supposed to be doing.

helenabear13 hours ago

I am so very sorry. I agree all who can vaccinate should. Sadly I doubt dying kids will change anything. So sorry. Hang in there, you'll feel better soon.

FeelsSoGoodToBeBad14 hours ago

I am so, so very sorry for your loss. I'm sending prayers for comfort for you and your family and for wisdom for those who see your story and finally understand how important getting vaccinated is.

GoofGoof14 hours ago

Sorry for your loss. 100% agree that we need to get everyone (or as close to everyone as possible) vaccinated.

Angel Ariel14 hours ago

Exactly. We have about 68% in my county with at least one dose (only 62% fully vaccinated). The remaining 32% in actual numbers is over 300,000 people. Of course that’s plenty of people to account for outbreaks. And we are, unsurprisingly, in high community transmission right now.

Christi2222214 hours ago

So here's a real world scenario that we have literally been discussing ad nauseam here. I don't think it will change anyone's opinion on anything, but I'm sad and aggravated and need an outlet. My mother in law just died of Covid a few hours ago. She is in her late 70's. Lives with my father in law in a senior facility in Oklahoma. An employee tested positive for Covid. I do not know the employee's vaccination status. The facility immediately tested the entire resident population. Both of my parents in law tested positive. Both of them are vaccinated. (No boosters yet.) No symptoms for approximately 5 days after testing positive. On Wednesday my mother in law was transported to the hospital. Today she died. This is why it is absolutely necessary for the entire population to be vaccinated. I am sick of hearing folks wonder why I care if they are vaccinated, if the vaccine is so great. Implying that I should then be safe regardless because of my magic vaccine I'm promoting. Ignoring the mountains of logic and data showing how their lack of vaccination affects others. Many many others! The folks fighting for "personal freedom" don't seem to care if the vulnerable in our society die. I think they misinterpret "freedom" as "right to be a selfish bastard who only gets the benefits from society while feeling none of the responsibility." Maybe they will care when the kids start dying? I'm losing hope.

DisneyDebRob14 hours ago

I had to copy each paragraph one by one because I couldn’t get the link to the article to move here. More studies, like we needed them, letting us know how masks help. Mask mandates may have been a flash point in school districts across the nation as students went back to school late this summer, but studies keep showing the policies are helping prevent students from catching COVID-19. Two Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studies released Friday found outbreaks and pediatric cases were more common when schools didn't mandate masks. One study of about 1,000 schools in two Arizona counties says schools without mask mandates were 3.5 times more likely to have outbreaks than schools that started the year with a mask mandate. Another study of hundreds of U.S. counties found an increased rate of pediatric cases in areas where schools didn't have mask mandates. Authors cautioned that a number of variables could affect the analysis, but the findings fall in line with what experts have long said: Masks provide instantaneous — although imperfect — protection from infection. "School mask requirements, in combination with other prevention strategies, including COVID-19 vaccination, are critical to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in schools," authors wrote in the second study. Outbreaks have resulted in nearly 2,000 school closures this year, a third study found.

StarWarsGirl15 hours ago

Moderna. Couldn't get Pfizer or J&J

StarWarsGirl15 hours ago

Yeah, I've already been running a fever. This hit hard, and that was with taking Advil before the shot and Benadryl. Currently using my nebulizer. It didn't help that I picked up a sinus infection this week (I got tested and it wasn't covid).

mf197215 hours ago

did u get moderna or pfizer? i forgot

DisneyFan3218 hours ago

It could be may not extended again if the cases are low enough as 5-11 kids are vaccinated as more people are vaccinated. I expecting masks will be gone for public transportation between February/March or April.

GoofGoof18 hours ago

Some possible good news if this model is at all accurate: https://www.yahoo.com/news/us-could-see-brighter-fall-114200029.html