Walt Disney World entertainment may be getting a boost - Disneyland Paris VP of Live Entertainment heads to Walt Disney World

Aug 24, 2023 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Thursday August 24, 2023 6:28pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

David Duffy has been named in the role of Vice President, Live Entertainment at Walt Disney World Resort. 

David has been with Disney for more than 30 years, including roles as show director, writer, artistic director, and creative director.

Most recently, David has been at Disneyland Paris, serving as Vice President Entertainment, which included the successful 30th anniversary celebration.

Posting on LinkedIn, David said, "I guess this means it's time to make it 'LinkedIn official'. After an amazing few years at Disneyland Paris, I am humbled and excited to return to where not only my Disney career but my love of themed entertainment began. I'm still at a bit of a loss for words to express how impactful my time working with the incredible team at Disneyland Paris has been. I have also fallen in love with the city of Paris, the country of France, and the lifestyle it affords. My deep thanks and appreciation go out to the amazing team at Disneyland Paris. Together, we have achieved amazing things! Onward!"

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CompedAug 28, 2023

DL has been, historically, the rare exception because they seem to care much more about entertainment there, even post-2001 cuts. That show is so darn obscure (at least under its original name). Almost nothing survives of the earliest versions, and it's an almost unknown show for many, betwen its various incarnations (even when the formula, renamed and respun, has been used across prety much every Disney park at some point). Pretty much the first show with pre-recorded vocals as standard too. And there were, especially in the 60's and 70's tight rules related to how the show could be staged and cast... Very interesting.

DisneyDreamerxyzAug 28, 2023

Bring back Kids of the Kingdom and build the Main Street Theatre for proper indoor shows with air conditioning!

TrainsOfDisneyAug 28, 2023

I’m bragging on behalf of the Disneyland resort who is doing things right!!! 🎷 🎹

DisoneAug 28, 2023

Reporting or bragging;).

TrainsOfDisneyAug 28, 2023

At Disneyland today I’ve watched the pirate band, jazz band, pearly band, Disneyland band, Main Street ragtime piano, and saloon piano. I think straw hatters were here today as well. Live entertainment is alive and well here at Disneyland. (Although there have been some cuts here as well….)

DisoneAug 27, 2023

Disagree. While I like the suggestion of fantastic being built in Magic kingdom's beyond big thunder expansion, I don't think it's the case that it does need to happen at one point. Especially with its current refresh I think it will continue to be beloved for sometime to come.

UKDisney DaveAug 26, 2023

Not sure Paris wants a night time Parade. It’s blooming freezing after sunset for 11 months of the year!

brb1006Aug 26, 2023

Epcot needs to bring back the robots who used to appear across Future World.

JustInTimeAug 26, 2023

It’s nice seeing positivity in a thread for a change.

Starship824Aug 26, 2023

If they ever build the "beyond big thunder" than they could put Fantasmic back there and use the liberty bell as the boat but that will never happen. There's basically no financial intensive to do so at all.

bmr1591Aug 26, 2023

Oof, replacing Fantasmic. You’re not wrong, it does need to happen at one point, but it’s very beloved. I wished they’d build a similar amphitheater in Magic Kingdom and move the show there for 30 minutes are fireworks. It would thematically fit much better as well.

brb1006Aug 25, 2023


jrhwdwAug 25, 2023

True but wasn't Dazzling Christmas Parade Teased for DLP before COVID?? Maybe before he got to DLP?

HauntedPirateAug 25, 2023