Bob Iger reportedly alarmed by increases in prices at Disney theme parks under Bob Chapek

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Posted: Wednesday November 23, 2022 12:30pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

There is a new hope for Disney's theme park fans that the endless rounds of price increases may be coming to an end with the return of Bob Iger as CEO.

In a report by the Wall Street Journal, Iger is apparently "alarmed by increases in prices at Disney theme parks that Mr. Chapek argued would boost revenue and limit overcrowding."

During his time as Disney CEO, Chapek made no attempt to hide his efforts to maximize profits at the parks, even if it meant alienating the loyal Disney fan-base in the process.

Any price reductions at the parks are probably unlikely, but the change of CEO may at least see a slow down of price increases if the alledged comments made by Iger regarding pricing are accurate.

Other points from the WSJ article relating to Iger's concerns with Chapek's management of Disney include:

  • Chapek had given priority to the Disney+ business at the expense of other parts of Disney, like cable television and the theme parks
  • Chapek was too responsive to changes in Disney's share price
  • Chapek was too eager to layoff vast numbers of Disney Cast Members as COVID took hold.

And most telling of all, the article suggests that Iger had been telling multiple people that "He's killing the soul of the company."

You can read the full WSJ article here.

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JD8033 minutes ago

If you didn't want to risk creating a new Star Wars story for the new movies all you had to do was get a competent writer and director and adapt the Thrawn trilogy. That was basically risk-free. You had a built in story that almost all fans loved or at least knew something about. You had a story that had a beginning, middle and end that were competently put together and made sense. You had to be creative with it to adapt the time difference and the inclusion of the OT characters (if you were going to use them), but the plotpoints were there. Why they didn't do that, who knows. Books did sell 15M copies and they used that character in Rebels. Now they're going to shoe horn his story in some god awful plot on D+. Feloni is great at creating characters in a cartoon show that we have to conveniently have to forget about when we watch movies.

HauntedPirate35 minutes ago

That seems familiar… 😂

pdude8136 minutes ago

Now I get why the picture was posted. I didn't know what this was until I walked past it an hour ago. D'Amaro and Iger signs currently up

JoeCamel57 minutes ago

Check the Lakeland antique mall, just $3000 next week only. Either that or they gave it to Bob as a parting gift......

Nubs701 hour ago

If you treat the storyline as a live action remake of a previous installment, all the investment needed is dialouge and scenery. Then you can churn out yearly installments until the buzz wears off but you have harvested billions in today's dollars.

marni19711 hour ago

You mean this one?

sedati1 hour ago

No, it was discussed when the initial timeframe was laid out. If I have time later I'll find a quote from Iger.

vikescaper1 hour ago

I’m so sad that I will never get to see his sign in person……😭

DCBaker1 hour ago

flynnibus2 hours ago

Star wars was basically in cryogenic freeze until Lucas released the SEs on his way to the prequels. Scarcity didn't build SW up.. it was why it was only something people remembered from the past.

"El Magnifico"2 hours ago

I’ve thought about this. Here’s what they could do You know how certain stores get you to work for them for free now. Meaning the self-checkout lines. You’re performing a function (for free) that they used to have to pay somebody to do. Same thought process. Through the magic of Disney and some well placed spots and maybe even a new show or two. You focus in on and glorify Disney janitorial. That way when a small child walks into the park you have a CM ask “How would you like to be a Disney janitor for the day?” To which the response would likely be “Oh Boy. Would I”. Out comes a small white uniform, a broom, and a garbage can. Problem solved.

MerlinTheGoat6 hours ago

I can assure you that no one here wants you to be wrong, quite the opposite. Many of us just don't believe for a second it will happen. Bare minimum they need to clean up the maintenance situation. There's no excuses for the parks being in the shape they are (it's even affecting Disneyland now). And deal with the recent staff/entertainment cuts. I don't expect these to improve either, but that'll be a decent baseline to judge whether ANY good comes out of this. I'll believe the WSJ's claims about Iger being upset about price hikes when (real) elephants fly.

_caleb8 hours ago

I hereby grant you full and unrestricted permission to have terrible opinions.

_caleb8 hours ago

Speak for yourself