Latest IHME COVID-19 model pushes easing of social distancing restrictions for Florida further into June

Apr 23, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Thursday April 23, 2020 11:07am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The latest IHME COVID-19 model suggests Florida may have to wait a few weeks longer to begin any early phases of easing social distancing.

Latest data puts Florida at a potential June 14 start for beginning easing of social distancing.

According to IHME, these estimated dates are based on projections of all-age COVID-19 prevalent infections – that is, all occurring infections in a location, not just new ones – and when these projections fall below 1 prevalent infection per 1,000,000 population for the upper bound of the 95% uncertainty interval. This threshold is viewed as a conservative estimate of what locations could potentially identify via active case detection and contact tracing given available public health resources.

Walt Disney World continues to remain closed until further notice, although the resort has accepted new reservations from June 1. We expect to hear more soon as government and business leaders continue to plan for Florida's reopening.

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Heppenheimer4 minutes ago

Look at the specific context of my statement. I had hardly been in the US between 2008-2014, before which time wearing a long, untrimmed beard was very rare. Long beards were also very rare in the European countries where I lived (still are, I think). During my time outside the US, I did two separate tours in Afghanistan. I come back into the US after leaving the army, having not been exposed to whatever cultural influences brought that style back, what else would be my frame of reference other than the Taliban when I see all these young men sporting foot-long facial hair?

CLEtoWDW5 minutes ago

Might want to take a peak at labor force participation. That would paint a much different picture of the “tight” labor market you speak of.

Lilofan8 minutes ago

First First lady who made an attempt to address childhood obesity with the full support of WDW. Nonsense to address childhood obesity?, strongly disagree.

Lilofan9 minutes ago

The most affected I have seen is in small towns off of I-95 in NC, SC, GA. If one is traveling don't count on eating inside most restaurants. Drive thru only, dine in closed, limited menu and hours, and eat in the confined comfort in your car or find a picnic table at a rest area and the weather is not that cold yet.

CLEtoWDW12 minutes ago

Yeah she made school lunches nearly inedible and somehow forgot to include a plan to ensure kids remained physically active. Less than 20% of states actually require physical education as part of a curriculum. I guess they are too busy filling their minds with “woke” nonsense to leave time for a game of kickball.

matt91121 hour ago

Where are these magical employees you speak of....they dont exsist. Labor market is alarmingly tight and the cherry on top is all the people were going to be firing 🤣🤣 i just dont want to hear anybody complain of understaffed this or that. Whether you agree with vax or curb policys aside.

Lilofan2 hours ago

It is no secret that unvaccinated adults that are obese have a higher greater risk of contacting covid but then again dining in a number of food options in the South are limited. Try finding a fast food place easily that allows dine in option in several states, GA, NC, SC for example and if one is so lucky, select from the " limited " menu.

Lilofan2 hours ago

Customers remember that but what is easily forgotten is to tip your housekeeper.

Lilofan2 hours ago

Michelle Obama with the support of WDW did address childhood obesity when she came to ESPN Sports Complex at WDW approx 10 years ago to address this nationwide issue in her "Let's Move" campaign in an event that featured kids, their families and exercise/ dancing with the kids led by her in front of the cameras. Kudos to her!

Vegas Disney Fan4 hours ago

You left out drinking, 😉 During the lockdowns I gained about 15 pounds, I was riding my bike about 10 miles a day and doing a 30 minute “beach body“ cardio program everyday but that wasn’t enough to overcome the fact I was spending the other 15 hours a day isolated in my home in front of the TV snacking, drinking soda, having a cocktail or two every day, and generally being unhealthy. Even cooking at home everyday didn’t help because it was easier to make something like Mac n cheese than to make something healthy from scratch. Since I’ve gone back to work I’ve managed to lose about 10 pounds, 5 more to go, despite working out less per day. I’m burning more calories by just doing my job and I’m eating fewer calories because I’m too busy to snack, drinking is back to special occasions again also. I’ve done the RunDisney races since 2013 so I know many “large” runners who are in relatively good shape, its possible to be large and healthy, but they seem to be the exception. You can’t eat horribly, never exercise, etc and then not expect to have health problems.

Angel Ariel6 hours ago

Yes body shaming worked so well for years 🙄. Because when people feel horrible about themselves, they’re totally motivated to take care of themselves. Versus when they feel positive and happy in their own skin. as someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, I have no hesitation saying I am much more able to take care of myself - ie exercise, eat right, get the sleep I need, etc - when I feel positive about myself than when I am depressed.

EpcoTim8 hours ago

Don’t forget to tip your waitress.

Archie1238 hours ago

Whomp whomp.

EpcoTim8 hours ago

Not buying the fact that people were against healthy lunches, political leanings aside. Maybe they were against how they were funded or distributed, but not the meals themselves, except for, well, you know, the kids who had to eat them.