The 'Disney Look' to be further relaxed at Walt Disney World

Oct 22, 2019 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Walt Disney World will be relaxing some of its "Disney Look" guidelines for its costumed Cast Members at the US based parks later this month.

According to those familiar with the situation, beginning October 28, Cast Members will be able to wear a single bracelet and a single necklace, including a pendant an inch or less in size.

Cast Members will also be to grow facial hair to an inch, and can have visible stubble while it is growing. Previously introduced in 2012, any beard growth would have to be done during vacation time to avoid the stubble look, and limited to a quarter inch.

The famous "Disney Look" dates back to the late 1950's and was strictly enforced for decades. Originally, a clean shave and neat haircuts were an absolute requirement to work at the parks.

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Article Posted: Oct 22, 2019 / 8:30am ET