Senior Disney Executives including CFO Christine McCarthy led the charge against Bob Chapek leading to his firing

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Posted: Monday November 21, 2022 4:25pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Financial Times reports that senior Walt Disney executives approached the board to remove Bob Chapek from control of the company.

According to the report by FT, the rebellion began in the summer of 2022 and was led by executives loyal to former CEO Bob Iger. Disney Chief Financial Officer, Christine McCarthy, was one of those to allegedly approach the board.

The recent poor quarterly earnings report appears to have been the final straw, forcing the board to replace Bob Iger's hand-picked replacement, Bob Chapek, with his mentor.

Ironically, one of Chapek's last widely reported statements was his comment in a staff memo, "We are going to have to make tough and uncomfortable decisions."

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lazyboy97o6 hours ago

“98% of statistics quoted on the internet are made up.” - Abraham Lincoln

Casper Gutman7 hours ago

Man, I cannot wait for the MCU X-Men.

LittleBuford7 hours ago

Majority of whom?

_caleb7 hours ago

Majority of what?

Laketravis7 hours ago

You might peruse some of the opinions outside of this WDW Magic echo chamber. An alarming majority specifically cite this "woke mentality" as their reason for no longer supporting Disney.

_caleb7 hours ago

Maybe reanimated minions of She Who Shall Not Be Named?

OrlandoRising9 hours ago

Is it me or are there more than the usual amount of these just-created spam accounts posting in this thread?

Lilofan10 hours ago

When the incoming CEO from the outside or inside came in to replace temporary Iger in 2 years and Christine doesn't resign like Mayer, Staggs and Rasulo who were passed over, it is probable when the new guy comes , the first head on the chopping block would be hers.

Casper Gutman11 hours ago

Come on... she didn't do that without being quite sure what the outcome would be.

SteveAZee13 hours ago

She's good.

"El Magnifico"13 hours ago

I heard it was gonna be the Harmonius Grand Finale. He walks out through the Stargate.

MisterPenguin13 hours ago

McCarthy did what people wanted every underling to do in the face of bad leadership... Instead of being just a yes person, she went to the Board and threatened to quit unless they fired Chapek. So, how's that for action?

Trauma14 hours ago

Yeah they all say the things people want to hear. I only care about what they do.

Tony the Tigger14 hours ago

Then they’re likely not trying to get you back.