Universal Orlando outlines plans to reopen its theme parks

May 21, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Universal Orlando COVID-19 reopening plan

The Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force today heard Universal Orlando's plans to reopen its Florida theme parks.

As outlined by Universal officials, the plan is to open June 1 2020, with a gradual capacity managed opening for employees only. Passholders would be added on June 3, followed by an opening to the general public on June 5. View the presentation re-opening plan.

As seen at City Walk and Disney Springs, temperature screening, mandatory masks and social distancing of 6ft would be enforced for both employees and guests.

Among the new operational measures to be introduced:

Interactive play areas closed, water and mist effects on rides disabled, 3D glasses handed out individually in place of bins, virtual queues at high demand rides, single rider lines no longer available, elimination of meet and greets although characters will appear at a distance from guests, and no parades. At the restaurants - mobile food ordering, contactless payments, single use paper menus, no buffets or self service, and individually pre-wrapped condiments and silverware.

Universal Orlando was inspected by Orange County health officials on May 21, and their plan has been submitted to the Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings. No specific concerns were found at the inspection, and in this afternoon's vote the plans received a 100% vote to be submitted to the state. Demings confirmed that he would speak with the Governor on Friday morning.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis revealed last week that Orange County must endorse the reopening plans prior to submitting to the state for a final decision on reopening. Recent language from the Governor would appear to suggest he will support the motion to reopen.

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Article Posted: May 21, 2020 / 2:05pm ET
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DCBakerMay 27, 2020

No details yet.

wdwmagicMay 27, 2020

We will now move this over to https://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/walt-disney-worlds-covid-19-reopening-plans.964994/unread

Peter Pan's ShadowMay 27, 2020

So what's the reservation process and when will the AP timer start back up?

CaptainAmericaMay 27, 2020

Six Flags was even teasing contactless bag checks.

DCBakerMay 27, 2020

Those were not specifically mentioned (unless I missed it) and it isn't in the docs.

DisneyCaneMay 27, 2020

Does the limiting contact points mean suspending the biometric readers?

CastAStoneMay 27, 2020

Full WDW Plan. Nothing on resorts.

donsullivanMay 27, 2020

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom on 7/11 Epcot & Hollywood Studios on 7/15 Reservations required

Peter Pan's ShadowMay 27, 2020

Just changed our July trip to Universal!

Sweet ThingMay 27, 2020

MK AK July 11

Disstevefan1May 27, 2020


RaveOnEdMay 27, 2020

I'm still thinking the week of the 14th of June for WDW. It will be the perfect way to complete the reopenings there in FL.

Giss NericMay 27, 2020

For anyone who wants live play by play action on WDW and Sea World reopening

ImperfectPixieMay 27, 2020

Did you see the pictures? They were a perfect example of behaviors you DON'T want to see during a pandemic. The one thing they had going for them was that a good number of people were in what I hope was chlorinated water.